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The Dejas

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The DEJAS is a musical experience listeners will take into their lives and grow with. Callie & Aaron’s songs ring with universal truths inherent to all human life. Their journey through time, expressed in song, is a genuine gift to us all.



The Dejas

Aaron Z. Katz and Callie Lipton of the Dejas are a performing duo whose music is a unique blend of melodic, ambient, "indie-pop", acoustic folk/rock. Each of these musicians, talented singer-songwriters in their own right, become "something greater" when they present their songs through their combined vision. The dynamic of two parts forming a greater whole was something that was evident from the moment they first encountered each other. Reviewer Chris Elliot (Seacoast. com) writes about the "gentle, unforced, seeming inevitability of the songs themselves". Dejas fans say the music has the ability to move them to dance___ or move them to tears, with wonderful melodies that linger and engage, staying with the listener in some profound, enduring way that is both inspirational and somehow reaffirming.

Aaron Z. Katz

Aaron Katz brings a wealth of experience to the duo as an international touring musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer. In 1995 he created, and then toured the Northeast with the funk ensemble "Vitamin C". In 1997 he was approached by the national jazz/jam/rock act "Percy Hill" and asked to redefine their sound. Aaron was able to bring to the group a mature sense of songwriting, vocal style, and a natural rhythmic feel behind the drums. The album that followed, "Color in Bloom", became Percy Hill's most popular recording and won the "Jammy Award" in 2000 for "Album of the Year." Richard Gehr, reviewer for the Village Voice and author of The Phish Book, referred to this album as "tightly focused, addictively listenable, and downright accessible less organically rooted in site-specific sociology than say American Beauty or Nevermind," and called Aaron's song, "Ammonium Maze," the album's "brilliant centerpiece."
Aaron then formed "The Aaron Katz Band" and released his first solo album, "Simplest Warrior", which went on to win the Seacoast Spotlight Award for "Best Alternative Album."

Aaron Katz is a true craftsman with the ability to combine ultra melodic tunes with provocative lyrics, drenched in colorful imagery and unforgettable hooks.

Scott McLennan, Worcester Telegram and Gazette

Katz has a gift for hooks and melodies, and his voice is as warm and compelling as a crackling fire. Simplest Warrior has an undeniable infectious groove & combines the smooth, soulful vibe of a Stevie Wonder or Jamiroqui with the straight forward singer/songwriter accessibility of a Paul Simon or Dave Matthews"

Haley Kauffman, The Boston Globe

Callie Lipton

Aaron Z. Katz and Callie Lipton met at the University of New Hampshire in 2005. After many years of writing music, Callie approached Aaron to record some of her songs at his production studio. They felt an immediate connection and began working together in what has become a highly creative collaboration. Callie, who plays guitar and sings lead vocals, is a passionate, energetic but thoroughly grounded and committed young woman whose voice has been described as warm, sensual...even ethereal...but also strong and determined. Her voice was described as "sultry with a fun edge" in a review written for Boston radio's 88.9/WERS. In addition to her Dejas performances, Callie has performed solo shows in California and the Midwest.

In addition Callie brings to the duo the ability to make strong connections with her audience as both a musician and performer. When asked about the "role of compassion in song-writing" in her Ted X interview, Callie explained that many of her songs come from her own life challenges and her connection to the struggles of others. "Compassion and the need for change can be powerfully communicated to others through music because it is a language everyone speaks." Her compelling songs are introspective reflections about love, relationships, and discovering a sense of self; they are both intimate and universal.

Performance and Professional Information

For the last seven years the Dejas have performed in Boston and the Northeast playing shows in such places as the House of Blues Foundation Room, the Hard Rock Cafe, the Lizard Lounge, the Rochester Opera House, and the Shalin Liu Performance Center. In addition they have played at various festivals throughout the Northeast and were chosen by "Spotlight Magazine's Eye on the Arts Award" as "Alternative Band of the Year." They have been featured on Boston radio's "The River" (92.5) and have produced a DVD of one of their live performances. Their debut album, "Speeding Softly", was recorded at 37' Productions with Sean McLaughlin who was the sound engineer for Elliot Smith and assisted on projects for Rush, Tupac Shakur, and Maroon 5, among others. This first album was enthusiastically received by fans and garnered the band licensing deals with CBS, MTV, TLC, and the Discovery Channel, as



Written By: THE DEJAS

when I breathe you in
when I kiss your face
something turns within
something finds it way

to my only one
in your arms I fall
laying on your island in the shade
when our lives
grow darkened by
thoughts that come undone
I know my only one remains

Now I hold you close
and I take you hand
everyday I know
what our souls have planned

to my only one
in your arms I fall
laying on your island in the shade
when our lives
grow darkened by
thoughts that come undone
I know my only one remains

and it seems to
have become
just a step away

in your arms I fall
laying on your island in the shade
when our lives
grow darkened by
thoughts that come undone
I know my only one remains


New Album "Speeding Softly" 2010
Solid Ground FULL ALBUM (2008)
Solid Ground EP (2007)

Set List

Blanket Song
Lost Souls
Precious Things
I Am Done
Secrets & Lies
Solid Ground
Finding Love
Dear Kate
Beneath You
Chrissy Reid
So often
Dimness of the Light
Birth By Fire
Gates of Mind
Tall Grass
Your Eyes
Lights Down
Speeding Softly
Rising Steam
All there Is
Only One
Cell Phone
Where are We Going
Don’t Know Much
Rise Up
Save My Soul
Ye Ol Fandango
(And many more....)

Simon and Garfunkel "Sounds of Silence"
Bob Marley "Exodus"
"Natural Mystic"
The Police "Wrapped Around Your Finger"
Mazzy Star "Fade Into You"
Simple Minds "Don't You Forget About Me"
Rhianna "Umbrella"
Filter "Take My Picture"
Fleetwood Mac "Everywhere"
Green Day "Time of Your Life"
Nelly Furtado " Say it Right"
Depeche Mode "All I ever wanted"
Oasis "wonderwall"
The Hooters "And We Danced"
Outkast "Hey YA"
Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

(and many more covers....)