The Dixie Bee-Liners

The Dixie Bee-Liners


They've been called "Bible-Belt noir." Unmistakably beautiful and undeniably original, The Dixie Bee-Liners are quickly becoming THE roots music act to watch. Expect an innovative blend of contemporary complexity with traditional bluegrass drive.



"Every car on the highway has a story," states BRANDI HART.

Hart should know. As lead singer and co-writer for roots-music phenoms THE DIXIE BEE-LINERS, she's in the business of telling stories. "Our new CD Susanville is a collection of tales from the American highway... where people are going, what they've left behind, and the things they experience along the way. It's our love letter to the open road."

Building on the tremendous success of their 2008 chart-topper RIPE, The Bee-Liners blaze a bold new trail with Susanville -- a concept album that takes listeners on a musical road trip along America's highways and byways. The band's second full-length work, Susanville peers into the cars and trucks in America's cities and towns, bringing to life 19 breathtaking musical moments along America's interstates and byways. The band employs its signature blend of hooks and harmonies, exploring themes such as escape, adventure, memory, and regret.

"This is not your parents' concept record," explains mandolinist and co-writer BUDDY WOODWARD. "It's a collection of short stories set to music. Each song is a vignette about a different person in a different car or truck in a different highway in America, and they're all headed either to or from Susanville."

Multiple Grammy-winner BIL VORNDICK produced both Susanville and RIPE for Pinecastle Records. VornDick works with legendary artists on a regular basis, but he has a passion for helping young bands develop their talent and establish a footprint in the music industry. "Bil's been extremely generous with his time and talents," says Hart. "In fact, everyone at Pinecastle has shown an incredible amount of faith in our creative instincts. We're very fortunate to be working with such a wonderfully supportive team."


Known equally for her golden pipes and lead foot, the dulcet-throated BRANDI HART is a native of the Bluegrass State. She grew up singing and playing music in Southern Baptist church choirs, where she got her start at the tender age of 2. Her thoughtfully penned originals cover a surprisingly broad range, from hard-driving bluesy scorchers to ancient-toned instrumentals. A prolific songwriter, Brandi is currently at work on three distinct bluegrass concept albums. She was featured in the OFFICIAL ASCAP/IBMA SONGWRITERS' SHOWCASE at World of Bluegrass 2006 in Nashville. She plays rhythm guitar, Nashville guitar, fiddle, and mountain dulcimer... and has been known to moonlight in theater, dance, and voiceover acting.

Bluegrass veteran BUDDY WOODWARD was a founding member of seminal 90's whiz kids THE GHOST ROCKETS, and NYC honkytonkers BUDDY WOODWARD & THE NITRO EXPRESS ("as explosive - and polished - a hard honkytonk outfit as you'll find around New York" -- Barry Mazor, The Village Voice), was a featured performer on Greg Garing's Alphabet City Opry, as well as having played with John Starling, Steve Earle, Rosie Flores, Jim Lauderdale, The Coal Porters, Laura Cantrell, Bill Keith, Beat Rodeo, Sid Griffin, Smalltown Parade, The Jet Set, and The Chelsea Mountain Jamboree, among many others. Throughout much of 2005 and 2006, Buddy appeared in the Barter Theater's smash hit play, Man of Constant Sorrow: The Story of the Stanley Brothers, playing the roles of George Shuffler, Pee-Wee Lambert, Bill Monroe, and a Primitive Baptist preacher. He also moonlights as a voiceover actor for cartoons, including Pokemon, Boogie Pop Phantom, and The Ping Pong Club. A gifted songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Buddy plays the mandolin, guitar, banjo, bass, and drums, as well as handling production chores for the band.

SAV SANKARAN is a crackerjack vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Originally from Altoona, PA, Sav now makes his home in Asheville, North Carolina. His soaring vocals and rock-solid downbeat on the bass are an ovation-inspiring highlight of DBL performances. On the fiddle and vocals is the lovely SARA NEEDHAM. A graduate of East Tennessee State University, where she studied with the legendary Clarence "Tater" Tate and performed with ETSU's beloved Pride Band, Sara's warm, earthy touch on the fiddle and alluring vocals bring an intriguing edge to the DBL sound. In the banjo chair is Mr. ZACHARY MONGAN. Zach currently attends ETSU with a Public Performance scholarship awarded by the Bluegrass, Old Time, and Country Music program. In 2008, he was awarded the Grey Fox Bill Vernon Scholarship, which is given annually to talented and motivated students who are involved in bluegrass music. Fittingly for The Dixie Bee-Liners, his playing style is an engaging blend of traditional and contemporary influences. Finally, joining The Dixie Bee-Liners on select dates in 2011 is dobroist LEAH NEEDHAM. (Yes, she is Sara's sister!) In addition to excellent musical instincts and a striking fashion sense, she's got a singing voice that we can only describe as plaintively captivating.

Together, these accomplished musicians


Lord, Lay Down My Ball & Chain

Written By: The Dixie Bee-Liners

(c) Hart, Woodward, 2004, 2005

Lord, lay down, lay down my ball & chain.
Lord, lay down, lay down my ball & chain.
Gonna trade this hammer for a walkin' cane.
Lord, lay down, lay down my ball & chain.

Milk 'n honey over in the glory land.
Jesus, won't you guide me by my hand.

Lord, lay down, lay down my ball & chain.
Lord, lay down, lay down my ball & chain.
"Yes, sir, no sir"... a working man's refrain.
Lord, lay down, lay down my ball & chain.

Jesus, Jesus, I'm suffering in sin.
Lord, my soul's as blistered as my skin.

Lord, lay down, lay down my ball & chain.
Lord, lay down, lay down my ball & chain.
Sun gonna shine... moon gonna wax and wane.
Lord, lay down, lay down my ball & chain.

Holy whirlwind rode Elijah high
Fly me home to meet him by and by.


Written By: The Dixie Bee-Liners

(c) Hart, Woodward 2003, 2005

Davy, you let the wheels go 'round.
Davy, you been a-coverin' ground.
You knock it, and you shake it --
You're a-lettin' that engine pound.

Davy, it's been a downhill drive.
Davy, you're doin' seventy-five.
Boy, you'd better brake it just to
get around my curves alive.

Well, the piston pumps, and the rubber burns.
Your heart skips a beat when you're takin' them turns.
Look out, boy, better slow it down
'cause you're ridin' that rig right into my town.

Davy, you're at the county line.
Davy, and when my whitewalls whine,
boy, you won't mistake it.
You'll be lookin' for an exit sign.

Davy, I'm a blacktop queen.
Davy, I got a wide machine.
Lord, you're gonna rake it
when you're scrapin' that shoulder clean.

Well, the piston pumps, and the rubber burns.
Your heart skips a beat when you're takin' them turns.
Look out, boy, better slow it down
'cause you're ridin' that rig right into my town.

Davy, I'm on a shotgun spree.
Davy, you can't run from me.
I'm gonna heartbreak it
in my cherry-red '63.

Lost in the Silence

Written By: The Dixie Bee-Liners

(C) 2002, 2005 Hart, Woodward

You begged me to lie upon your breast, and trembling I complied.
All lovers ache to be caressed, so I laid down softly by your side.

A shady spot down by the creek and moss beneath my head,
your wordless touch just made me weak on that cool, green-velvet lovers' bed.

Lost, I was lost in the silence of love.

Your kisses urged me here and now and warmed my pale, pale skin.
I brushed a curl upon your brow and wondered if it was a sin.

You murmured, "Love, a price you'd pay if I gave you a child,"
and as you swore you'd never stray, I watched your eyes grow wild.

Lost, I was lost in the silence of love.

Though by the river I go weep for loss of your embrace,
it's promises you would not keep that make me hide my face.

Now they may hear me sadly sing, "Bring back my blue-eyed boy."
Your babe into this world I'll bring though your love I no longer enjoy.

Lost, I was lost in the silence of love.

Lost, I was lost in the silence of love.

Lost, I was lost in the silence of love.


2009, Pinecastle Records
- - - -
2008, Pinecastle Records
- - - -
PRIME CUTS OF BLUEGRASS VOL. 90 (featuring the DBL track "Down On The Crooked Road")
2007, KBC Music, Inc.
- - - -
TIMELESS FLYTE: A TRIBUTE TO THE BYRDS (featuring the DBL track "Change Is Now")
2007, RRO Entertainment
- - - -
2005, Betty Troublesome Records (BT-001)
- - - -
UPSTATE MANHATTAN (featuring the DBL track "Lost in the Silence")
2005, 207 Records

* The Dixie Bee-Liners' have unveiled their new YouTube video for the hit single "Down on The Crooked Road." The video can be viewed at or at

*The Bee-Liners will be featured in Columbia Artist Management's "New Stars of American Roots Music" tour in autumn 2009 and spring 2010.

* In the spring of 2007, the band signed with bluegrass label Pinecastle Records and released their Pinecastle debut CD, "RIPE", on April 15, 2008.

* Their single "Down On The Crooked Road" spent 9 consecutive weeks at #1 on the Roots Music Report bluegrass chart in 2008. The single enjoyed a simultaneous #1 on the Bluegrass Music Profiles chart.

* "RIPE" has also achieved two #1's on the Bluegrass Now Fan's Choice Top 20 chart, and has garnered two Roots Music Association Award nominations for the band -- Bluegrass Artist of the Year and Bluegrass Songwriter of the Year.

* The Bee-Liners provided the soundtrack music for the Civil War movie "Freedom," which premiered July 30, 2007.

* The Bee-Liners' self-titled debut CD entered the Roots Music Report bluegrass chart at no. 14, spent spent 56 weeks on the Bluegrass chart, 9 weeks in the Top 10, and was voted one of the Reviewer's Top Five Picks by Bluegrass Now.

* The band is sponsored by the Gibson Musical Instrument Company, Saga Music and Red Bear Trading Co. (makers of Tortis picks).

* Kenny & Amanda Smith are released "Changin'," an original song written by DBL co-founders Brandi Hart & Buddy Woodward, along with Tim Stafford of Blue Highway.

* The band's CDs are available through Miles of Music, CD Baby, Amazon, among many other online resources.

* DJ's can get FREE broadcast quality downloads of the Dixie Bee-Liners' debut CD, and their current single, "Down On The Crooked Road," at Radio Submit:

Set List

At least 3 long sets worth of music, with dozens of originals, bluegrass standards, gospel, & instrumentals to chose from. Depending on the audience, we can tailor our shows to appeal to either traditional or non-traditional bluegrass fans, as well as Americana, country, rural folk, old-timey, or a mix of all of the above...a few non-standard covers, too.

Lost in the Silence
Old Charlie Cross
Dixie Gray To Black
Brown Eyed Darlin'
Down The Crooked Road
Black Butterfly
Grumble Jones
Cornbread Stomp
Jefferson Railroad Line
(I Need) Eighteen Wheels
Yellow-Haired Girl
She's My Angel
My Heart's Breakin' In
Roses Are Gray
Albion Road
Why Do I Make You Cry
(Lord Lay Down My) Ball & Chain
Find Out
Bugs In The Basement
Been Doin' Time

I'll Remember You Love In My Prayers
The Kitten & The Cat
Take Me In The Lifeboat
I've Waited As Long As I Can
Jet Airliner
Shenandoah Breakdown