The Geese

The Geese


The Geese are a collective of songwriters and multi-instrumentalists based in Vancouver, Canada, who are heroically introducing the world to West Coast Danger Folk; a dramatic synthesis of fate and freewill strummed, plucked and harmonized over tales of human/robotic strength and weakness.



The Geese formed shortly after a UFO sighting off the coast of Grand Manan Island was routinely dismissed as meteoric in the dying summer of 2008..

The Geese are now based in Vancouver BC, Canada, where they are the respected pioneers of West Coast Danger Folk. Music that is deeply rooted in the traditional ideals of folk with a childlike disregard for synonyms of ‘caution’. A cocktail that could only be served by the paradisiacal hand of British Columbia.

All five core members of The Geese take turns leading the group in songwriting and live performance, seamlessly trading instruments and roles between songs. By sharing leadership The Geese are able to sustain a level of creativity and energy live that is simply inimitable by other more traditionally organized groups. The inclusion of five distinct and experienced songwriters necessitates that only the pinnacle of each members work can be performed by the band resulting in set lists that play like looped victory laps.

The Geese play regularly in Vancouver and have toured extensively throughout North America and the UK.

Most recently, the Geese have released their self titled LP, and committed themselves to the open road, touring the UK and Canada over the course of five months.

These days find the members sharpening their song writing pencils, in preparation for an upcoming album, along with Spring and Summer tours.

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The Geese (2011) [LP]

It's Only Natural (2010) [Single]
The Geese Live (2010) [Live Album]
Small Boat (2009) [EP]

Set List

The Geese have over 3 hour-long sets of engaging original music but are also well greased in a cover library that spans decades and continents.