The Ground Beneath

The Ground Beneath

 Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

New Mexico's premiere touring three-piece melodic metal act. With brutal, thunderous drumming, soaring melodies and crunchy guitar riffs, The Ground Beneath is bringing back the power groove.


The Ground Beneath is the premiere touring three-piece southern metal band from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Brutal drumming, soaring melodies and crunchy guitar riffs all come together in a massively catchy power groove. Being the hardest working band in the state is no picnic, however. TGB is constantly on the road out of state and recently opened for Army of Anyone in front of 800 rabid rockers and has done a couple of nights with Hellyeah in front of anywhere from 700 to 1,200 vicious metalheads. OK maybe it is a picnic. The debut album from The Ground Beneath got picked up for distribution and is available on iTunes,,, Spotify, Pandora, and more. The Ground Beneath came together in July 2004 and played their first show two days later. Following that was a full color picture with article in the local newspaper along with hundreds of local gigs in just a few short years, and now TGB is one of the most well known local acts in their hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the entire Southwest region of the USA. "I'd be lying if I didn't tell you these twenty-somethings weren't residents of talent city", proclaimed local columnist, Simon McCormack of “The Albuquerque Alibi”. After being included on the nationally distributed "Rock Outside the Box Vol. 2" Compilation CD set, The Ground Beneath released their own debut self-titled LP and the CD immediately skyrocketed on the sales charts for Armed with a lineup, complete with Steve Civerolo on guitar and vocals, Mykey Garcia on bass and vocals and new drummer Brandon Gifford, TGB tore into the national scene. The Ground Beneath has been getting nothing but the highest acclaim for their regional shows and musical talent, and recently they played a sold-out show in their hometown at The Launchpad. Their unforgettable stage presence leaves many an old fan's jaw on the floor and brings them new fans and friends by the hordes. Their debut recording has sold out regularly on and sells nicely on iTunes. Recently they released a live album that has already received more distribution than the first one. Following that release, Dirtbag Music signed them to a development deal. The Ground Beneath will continue to tour and turn a profit on its own. The high demand of out of state crowds keeps them on the road for most of the year. There is no question who the hardest working and most popular band out of Albuquerque is. Record label interest from Dirtbag Music has reps working with the band towards an album deal that would extend distribution into Europe and beyond. More recently, The Ground Beneath landed opening slots for several metal favorites including Soulfly, Trainwreck, Nick Oliveri, Soilwork, Slough Feg, Darkane, Warbringer, and Swallow the Sun as well as going on the road with Black Stone Cherry, The Damned Things, Drowning Pool and Powerman 5000 and headlining sold-out weekend shows on invitation at the world famous Viper Room in Hollywood. A new album begam production in late 2011. After trying to align schedules with legendary Guns N' Roses/Faith No More producer Mike Clink having offered his services in Hollywood, CA, TGB opted to track the album in Albuquerque and then mix it on the coast in the summer of 2013. TGB is currently tracking at Red Tag Studios in New Mexico and plan to mix the record on the coast with Evan Rodaniche of Powerman 5000/Cage9 fame. Averaging over 80 shows a year, The Ground Beneath has garnered much stage and road experience, effectively conquering 13 states surrounding New Mexico and playing three show cases at Hyperfest two years in a row and playing the SXSW festival unofficially four times.



Written By: Steve Civerolo

Tell me something
Feel you nothing
Death is coming
Age is haunting
Time is sorrow
Sorrow growing
Growth is painful
Pain is telling

My friend
My love
My mind
And you
Cannot save me from this hell

Once is enough
Enough is too much
Too much is what I
Want is lust
Lust is need
I’ll never plead
My life may bleed
But yours I’ve seen


Written By: Steve Civerolo

You sold me out
My only hope
You won’t ever leave my head
You’ll torment me til I’m dead

I loved everything about you
I hate everything about you
I can’t exist without you

Even now
As I can’t feel
You won’t go down
It’s pain unreal
I’ll die just me
Cuz I’m unkept now

The same pain
The same regret
It just won’t fade
My life I’ve bet

My heart breaks
My soul fades
The reason’s the same


Written By: Steve Civerolo

This thing is over now
your courtroom hospitality to blame
you say my face hangs
I hope you do the same
this room wreaks of
disrespect today

I said goodbye to my friends today
I said goodbye as I wished them all away

This thing is over now
when we get home
things are gonna change
there's things that you could say
but I don't even
think you care to stay

I said goodbye to my friends today
I finally did it as I wished them all away
We'll always be joined
And it was always your choice
Low lights make me wish that
You and me could stay