Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Imagine talent combined from several small parts ofthe regionthat together makes one continuous circle of enormous head-turning, eye-opening, ear-candy of an experience. What The Hiding's performance and sound brings is something you dont want to miss and you soon will not forget.


Imagine talent combined from several small parts of the region that together makes one continuous circle of enormous head-turning, eye-opening, ear-candy of an experience, that is The Hiding. Whether its the switching of instruments like musical chairs, the intertwining of both incredible male and female lead vocals with groovy harmonies, the highly engaging stage presence, the special sound effects thrown in at many different directions or the ever-changing style and decade of song choice throughout the night, the professional EXTREME VARIETY band, The Hiding, always has something for everyone and keeps the audience entertained beyond expectations.

The Hiding, who definitively isnt hiding anymore, stems individually from a wide variety of musical influences like Led Zeppelin, Cursive, The Beatles, Third Eye Blind, John Mayer, Johnny Cash, Wilco, Tommy Emmanuel, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jewel, and more.

With a concert type performance that is bar none and a MUST SEE and HEAR, the band has performed at many events across the region such as many Concert Series Events, Family Friendly Fairs & Festivals fun for all ages, Private events, Weddings, Corporate events, Rocking Clubs, Bars & Venues, Acoustic events, Casinos, Benefits for great causes and much more.

Last year The Hiding played well over 75+ Shows all over the region. The band has brought their cover song list to well over 150+ songs and growing every month, with songs from 60s-00s Rock/Country/Blues/R&B/Funk and more. Covering Artists like: CCR, Joan Jett, Miranda Lambert, The Commodores, Cameo, Sheryl Crow, Gnarls Barkley, Cupid, Johnny Cash, Collective Soul, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Lil Wayne, Wild Cherry, Pat Benetar, Hank Sr./Jr., Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tom Petty, Led Zeppelin, ELO, Green Day, Garth Brooks, Jason Aldean, Skynyrd, Little Big Town, Bee Gees, Nelly, Journey, Katy Perry, and much much more. It is major variety in song choice and genre they provide.

Also, The Hiding has brought creativity with a sound like no one else on their original songs that were included on their debut album What You Dont Know, CAN Hurt You which came out October 2010. Paul, drummer for The Hiding says, The best part is hearing the songs as we build them and perfect them The album features 12 tracks of magic that you can pick up online, at a concert, or for some of you at a store near you. The Hiding also has loads merchandise like Shirts, Koozies, Posters, Stickers, and much more, soon to be available online and always available at the shows. Tim Keeler, scout for GODIY RECORDS in Redondo, California said, Just listening to your songs and I was real impressed, So Madly in Love is a killer tune! The Hiding has started writing and recording for a new album due out sometime in early-mid 2013.

Lets introduce you to the band. Holding the backbone and structured sound of The Hiding by handling the Drums, Vocals, Sample FX, and occasional Bass is Paul. Beautifully filling any empty void with the Keys, Percussion, Acoustic and sweetly dressing with Lead and Harmony vocals is Amanda. Bringing amazing talent and keeping the bump going all night whether on the Bass, Guitar or Acoustic is Aaron. Guitarist, Vocalist, sometimes Bassist, and supreme melody maker of The Hiding is Jason, who also lays out all Programming, in addition to recording and engineering the band within his independently owned studio

The Hiding has shared the stage with many national acts such as 30 Seconds to Mars, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Unwritten Law, The Verve Pipe, Days of the New, Black Stone Cherry, Confederate Railroad, Smile Empty Soul, Powerman 5000, Bowling for Soup! and more. The band has also taken part in numerous radio interviews, television appearances and long touring with many festivals and charity concerts included. Building on these past experiences, The Hiding looks forward to sharing their music with willing ears and hopes to make their mark with this newly created endeavor. -God Bless


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- Burnt Castles in the Sky
- That Night Back in '62
- Saint, Sinner, and a Son of the Gun
- So Madly in Love
- Living Proof
- Tick Tock
- Daddy Don't Mess Around
- George
- Honey
- Lockdown (You and Me)
- I Swear I'm Lonely
- Do You Remember Like I Do?

THE DEMO (2009)
- Saint, Sinner, and a Son of the Gun
- So Madly In Love
- Do You Remember Like I Do

Set List

We are a very flexible band when it comes to performances. We arrange anywhere from a 45min-6hr performance which includes a wide array of cover songs from many genre's and many decades. We also do 20min-60min performances geared more toward our original songs which do include a few cover songs. It all depends on what the event is wanting, whatever it is we can make it happen.

Our performances include but not limited to: Festivals, Weddings, Bars, Clubs, Benefits, Casino's, Fairs, Private Events (Corp. or Personal), Acoustic Shows, Anything that needs entertainment, etc... Below the sound system info is our song lists of 160+ songs which we are adding to every 2-8 weeks...

While we prefer the venue/event to provide a professional quality sound system, engineer, and lighting, it is not feasible for every venue/event to do so. That is why THE HIDING is equipped with their own professional quality sound system, engineer and lights which can be included in the booking for a nomin