The Hungry Pines

The Hungry Pines


The music we play is our own special blend of melodic groove-rock--sometimes upbeat, sometimes dark, sometimes sweet, but always sexy. Genres: indie, alternative, dance-rock, lesbian, pop.


Since forming Hungry Pines two years ago, our name has gained both familiarity and notoriety in our fair city by way of our live performances; earning positive reviews and winning the hearts of all in attendance. In their own humbling ways, critics and fans alike have provided nothing less than an overwhelming positive response for Hungry Pines. It is our hope that you share these same sentiments after you listen to our first full length album, �Golden You�, which is sampled in our media section.

former members of:
the conversation heart
current members of:
bronze fawn (bryce)

similar artists:
land of talk
yeah yeah yeahs
led zeppelin
pj harvey


Blood Eagle

Written By: The Hungry Pines

In the trenches
Over bridges
As the sun sets
Find a place and hide
A thousand times I told you
A knifes a knife, a knifes a knife.

For the glory and the honor
For your children and their mother
The ravens watching over you
Slowly close their watchful eyes.

It's all metallic
Faceless horses
Keep time with
Headless hunters... oh!
Bones alone can't
Start these fires
It must be some
Kind of magic.

Lungs drip like honey
Your insides light up the night
We're keeping score a blood eagle sketched in your back.

And now we've got you
Now we've got you
Try and fight
Your cries will drown in the night
Oh your family
Your dear loved ones
Your blood rights
It's all over tonight.


Golden You

Set List

Our material will fill a 45-60 minute set with 8-12 songs.