Hysterical Injury

Hysterical Injury


Catchy racket extraordinaire. Don't just take our word:

“Extraordinary... How two people can kick up a noise that big and that good with nothing but a bass guitar and a drum kit is beyond me” - Tom Robinson, BBC 6music

"Blind and foaming adoration is completely defensible" - Drunken Werewolf



The Hysterical Injury are sister-brother duo Annie and Tom Gardiner.

Their debut album 'Dead Wolf Situation' was released in 2012, garnering recommended status on The Line of Best Fit and Albums of the Year lists with Louder than War, God is in the TV, Music Liberation and Drunken Werewolf. The only other artist whose album made all these lists this year was Grimes.


Adam West

Written By: Annie Gardiner

Weasels ripped my flesh
and left sparkles on your chest
there's love around
there's love around

Is that just how you want me
a hand around my neck
there's love around
there's love around

Insects crawl my skin and then
lightning bolts your breath
there's love around,
mad love around

Is that just how you want me
wrists hanging from your belt
there's love around
mad love around

Some one stabbed me in my voodoo doll

Your head inside a ribcage
you look so feminine
desire unbound
desire unbound

Conceal each other's faces
kissing through the sheets
desire unbound
desire unbound

Someone stabbed me in my voodoo doll.


Written By: The Hysterical Injury

What's like to believe there's someone watching you?
Timed, taped, doubled there's the other you.
And you're wondering when you'll break the snow
You're wondering when you'll break the snow.

City stares down as Leopard prowls the street.
With only black lace between her skin and his hunger meat
City? Do your eyes have a head?
City? Do your eyes have a head?

Iceberg beauty claims that she's just like you
smudged my lips on a rebels cheek, my mistake its a fashion streak thats undone him
Rebel? Where did you start?
Rebel, Where did you start?

Your head Division Dead
Standing on a lamp post stead
He's finally on TV
soul-less and in his dream
In a crowd of leaves.


Written By: The Hysterical Injury

Maybe it's for the good times, Maybe it's just for survival

The world's a playground, lets dance all night
Slide round town like made up clowns and fade out

maybe its for the good times, maybe its just for survival

Settling down sounds like dying, throw some paint at culture deals and hang out.

March the hilltops, I'll tell you how it is; I'm gonna do just what I like my uniform's ripped. Try to crush it like lemonade - There's a riot in this house tonight and its on parade.

Maybe it's just for the good times, maybe it's just for survival.

We Machines

Written By: The Hysterical Injury

Another hidden message inside your behaviour -
what does the paranoia mean?
Are you who I thought you were
or are you just another machine?

'Hey Machine!' means 'Goodbye disease'

If we were machines, there'd be no disease, goodbye disease.


Icebreak - single
(Icebreak / Into the Cabin remix by Klad Hest] / Cycle One acoustic)

Cycle One - single
(Cycle One / Vex remix by Antoni Maiovvi / The Third Man [Annie Solo])

Dead Wolf Situation - debut album
(Halo Alkanes / Icebreak / Cycle One / Vex / Rosetta's Waves / The Works / Visions of Trees / Into the Cabin / Skyline Interface / Bitch's Balls / Rainbow Thunderclap)

Futuristic Nightmare (track)
featured on Dry Route to Devon compilation (Art is Hard records)

Our Lives Are A Futuristic Nightmare EP
(Labyrinth / Snow / Three / We Machines)

The Hysterical Injury EP
(Adam West / 24 Hour Glass / Etc /FAD)

Set List

We currently typically play a set drawn from Dead Wolf Situation, including one new song and possibly 'Three' which is still getting shares thanks to its video.

We usually play 30 minutes but have a big catalogue of songs and can easily play an hour.