The Jayco Brothers

The Jayco Brothers

 Perth, Western Australia, AUS

With nods to Gram Parsons, Wilco and the Replacements, The Jayco Brothers' blueprint reveals a passionate love of 'Americana' music.


Originally salvaged from the ashes of the much loved Spokaine by co-founders Andrew Powell and Grant Ferstat mid-2002, the Jayco Brothers alt-country, orchestral, Telecaster-driven, sonic bar-room pop notched up a WAM Song of the Year award 12 months later for the song "Asbestos Fibro".

The debut EP, "Asbestos Fibro" (released in October 05 on Treadmill Records/MGM) received rave reviews across the country and overseas. Drum Media's Ross Clelland called it "eminently tasteful... (The Jayco Brothers) arch and weep like country purists, but then add some sonic or pop twists to set it apart". Grok Magazine crowned it the "local release of the year". Seminal Americana on-line store, Miles of in the USA, thought so much of it they gave it their "It's A Cracker!" mark of approval and guarantee.

The Jayco Brothers are currently in the studio recording an acoustic-ish EP for German label JellyFant Records sleighted for European release this year.

Following the completion of the EP the band will put the finishing touches on their debut full-length album that was recorded in Nashville last year featuring the drums and production talents of Ken Coomer (Wilco/Uncle Tupelo ).


Asbestos Fibro (Treadmill Records/MGM Distribution) - 2005

Set List

Our Typical set length for multi-band rock/alternative country shows is approximately 1 hour.

Songs currently performed can include:-
Asbestos Fibro
Noth Mole Rocks
Town Hall
Jump That Flight
Any Other Type
Even The Sweet Things Die
Up To 10
Bridges Are Cool
Time Don't Wait
Go Get Murphy
Cloudy Streets
September Dawn
Live This Much
Erase A Debt
Your Longest Day
Don't Know Yet
Sebastopol(Things Don't Seem The Same)

Alternatively we can play up to three 40 minute sets incorporating covers of songs by:-
Neil Young
The Byrds
The Flying Burrito Bros/Gram Parsons
Big Star