The Rivals

The Rivals

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

If DNA belonging to Dr.John and Pink Floyd formed a radio-active baby, we would call it "The Rivals"


From the ashes of Jersey rock quintet Kickin' Bear comes The Rivals; The reformation of surviving KB members Rob Swift, Tom Williamson and Wayne Gallagher. Still true to their classic roots, the band has been reborn as an overdriven, psychedelic, blues-rock machine, just on the brink of releasing their second studio album! Enter Indra, the perpetual groove beneath our feet; its a hearty helping of thunder via the drum stylings of new arrival Bill Rose. The Rivals is an outer-worldly dish of rock, guaranteed to sonify the depth of the human experience, and bend your weary mood! COME TO THE RIVALS!


Good To You

Written By: Rob Swift

Good to you...

This is the strangest place
I’ve ever been
There I go on Broad Street again...

Wherever you may go
With love I surely follow
Drifting in the pale afternoon

Well wasn’t I good to you?
I said now momma wasn’t I bad too you?
Well wont you come on home?
If I got lonely wouldn’t I?

You know my love is true
Cleanly and subdued
Slandered in the dirt
Where I crawl
You don’t have to know
What goes on far below
Terrors in the night
You’d rather hide
(Repeat first half of verse 1)

The vale across your eyes
A whisper in your ear,
I wash away your doubts
And kill you fears...



(Final Chorus)

Head on the Floor

Written By: Rob Swift

“Head on the Floor”

Head on the floor
When life goes bad
I seen your face
And wish I never had...

Head on the floor
With a heavy soul
day by day...
your heads gunna roll

Wish somebody else would see...
And somebody else could be!

Count the rain
Refuse the sun
Hold the night
As its comes undone.

If you close your eyes,
You will never see
With a made up mind
That wont let me be...

Wish somebody else would see...
And somebody else could be!

She got a trigger mind!
She kill me all the time!
It May Be Love,
You know its gunna take its toll
And my lady your heads gunna roll!

Head on the floor
As you walk away
let the waters rise
and just wash me away

Head on the floor
with a heavy heart
you made my home
my world just to tear it apart!


Nomad - Released January 2012
The Divine Lorraine - Released Dec 2012

Please email info@therivalsmusic for full album download link if interested

Set List

The Rivals are proud to be an original band, however, they enjoy playing the music that inspires them. At the present time, the band is touring their latest work, a near hours worth of new material off their album "Divine Lorraine"