The Robbie Jay Band

The Robbie Jay Band


Shot of Rock-N-Roll, with a chaser of Country.



The Robbie Jay Band has set out to blaze the same trail that their heroes have. One that focuses on the music and doing things their own way. Living by standards previously set by outlaw country singers of days gone by, alt-country, and the vicarious Texas music scene, front man and songwriter, Robbie Jay, pens songs of real life and love. He says, “The stuff we sing about is real. Real stories about things that have really happened. Things that people can relate to.”

That may be why they find themselves rapidly gaining attention across the mid-West. The Robbie Jay Band truly is a band that people can relate to. Not only are the songs loaded with infectious hooks, but the live show is packed with a good time. Fueled by the band as a whole, with drummer Dan Dominic, Ryan Rexroad on bass guitar/vocals, Jason Hinrichs as lead guitar/vocals, and Robbie Jay on lead vocal/guitar, the band willingly cranks out songs and plays shows anywhere and everywhere that people will listen.

The bands’ slogan, “Shot of Rock n Roll, with a Chaser of Country” sums up both their style and intentions. With each member bringing their own style to the table, the Robbie Jay Band was quite literally formed in both a “honky tonk bar” and a “garage”. Robbie and Dan, stumbled onto the idea, in a bar one night, with Robbie singing and playing his originals and country covers from the likes of Steve Earle and Waylon Jennings, as Dan played along on the drums. As interest in the project began to grow, Robbie and Dan looked to complete the band. A little over a year later, both Ryan and Jason were added to round out the sound that is now unique to the Robbie Jay Band. It has been a non-stop ride ever since.

And now, in an effort to continue to take the music to larger audiences everywhere, the Robbie Jay Band is booking regional and national shows in the year 2009.


The Robbie Jay Band EP 2009

Set List

As a Headliner, the Robbie Jay can perform the standard 90 to 120 minute set. When used as a Support Act, they can perform 30-45 minutes. All original music is performed with maybe one recognizable cover song mixed in, done in their own fashion.