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Voted #1 in the World the AMERICAN ROGUES have performed for millions. Album & Group of the Year; 4 million Youtube hits; shows in Japan, Italy, Spain, Guam, Cuba, NYC, Las Vegas, Miami, Chicago, a Hollywood film, and with the U.S. Air Force Orchestra... the AMERICAN ROGUES have arrived.




If the 78th Fraser Pipe Band sat down with the Waterboys, the Chieftains, the Rolling Stones, and the Dave Matthews Band, and then asked some friends from a symphony orchestra to join them at the table the resulting sound might begin to resemble the AMERICAN ROGUES. For nearly 20 years the performances of this CeltRock Folk World Classical group have electrified audiences on three continents. They have added to their ever-growing family of fans -- affectionately known as the Rogue Army -- at music festivals, theaters, Highland Games, renaissance festivals, clubs, pubs, and corporate events -- anywhere that presents top-quality, high-energy music. Their hard won road successes have established them as artists with bona fide international acclaim. Renowned for their musical skill, quick wit, and engaging stage show the AMERICAN ROGUES have mastered the art of creating an immediate connection with their audiences. The AMERICAN ROGUES are fast becoming a household name with music lovers around the world, loved by young and old of all backgrounds. With a unique, multi-instrumental sound that crosses the musical landscape to include traditional and original rock/pop songs, film soundtrack music, and Irish-based foot-stompers, the AMERICAN ROGUES are proving they have the creativity and the drive to conquer the combined worlds of Celtic, Rock, Folk, Pop, and Classical music.

* Voted the #1 Celtic Band in the World out of 63 international groups in a contest hosted by Irish Brewing Company, Strangford Lough.

* Their music appears in the 2011 film, "Kill The Irishman", starring Christopher Walken and Val Kilmer.

* Successfully toured Japan, Guam, Italy, Spain.

* The ROGUES appeared on the red carpet with Robert Duvall at the release of his film, "A Shot at Glory".

* 2010 Album and Group of the Year.

* Shared the stage with Grammy-winners Allison Krauss and Bruce Hornsby before 25,000 people.

* 7 combined World Pipe Band Championships.

* They appeared at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C. where they headlined with the US Air Force Orchestra.

* Some headlining performances include:
- Monte Carlo Casino & Resort (Las Vegas)
- Tropicana Casino & Resort (Atlantic City)
- DAR Constitution Hall (Washington, D.C.)
- U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay
- Firelake Grand Casino
- Connecticut Irish Festival
- Detroit Highland Games
- Fairfield Irish Festival
- Columbus Scottish Festival
- West Virginia Scottish Festival
- Almonte Celtic Festival (Ottawa)
- Texas Scottish Festival

* Members are adept at various styles of music including Celtic, Folk, Rock, World, and Classical spanning countries including Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, the US, and Canada. Our instrumentation includes Highland Pipes, small pipes, fiddle, accordion, piano, mandolin, guitar, bass, bodhran, Scottish Snare, drum kit, whistles, etc.

* They have shared the stage with the Battlefield Band, Bad Haggis, Natalie McMaster, and Seven Nations, to name but a few. They have also hosted their own exceptionally well-received variety shows, "Celtic Crossroads", which included performers from all over North America and Europe.

The AMERICAN ROGUES have produced nine albums and two DVDs. Ceili Magazine called "3 LBS. of RAGE", the newest album, "The best Celtic rock CD produced this year and one of the best Celtic music CDs … period!" Dirty Linen Magazine called "American Highlander", "Outstanding" and chose it to appear on their Editor's Choice CD with such legendary performers as Billy Bragg. Few bands like the AMERICAN ROGUES provide both the highly polished instrumentals that only elite musicians can perform, and the rousing songs that inspire crowds to sing. Indeed, listen to the audio tracks provided on this site's music player and you will see that the AMERICAN ROGUES are several exceptional bands in one.

The AMERICAN ROGUES continue to show their support of members of the military in need. They have raised thousands of dollars for individual veterans, the Air Force Aid Society, and Operation Ward 57, the amputee ward at Walter Reed Army Medical Centre. To this end the AMERICAN ROGUES started their ongoing series of fundraisers called DEAKSTOCK in 2007.

Note: Depending on budget, availability, and the type of show you require the AMERICAN ROGUES can appear with 4 to 8 musicians and tailor a show to meet your needs.


153 (The Simpleton's Lament)

Written By: Nelson J. Stewart

She's got a B.Sc. in metaphysics
A Ph.D. in life
Her apprehension would baffle the mystics
But she'll never be my wife
It's not her body or cash I desire
It's her mind that interests me
For her I burn with intellectual fire
Her I.Q.'s 153
But she's confused by me

I don't understand why she can't understand me
Why she hasn't figured me out
I'm as deep as a puddle
So why can't she see
She won't have to scream and shout
She has become that by which I judge
All others in this world
I'm not bitter no I don't bear a grudge
Just love me I'm growing old
I'm fading quickly
I'm growing old

She is the best thing about today
I can't turn my back, can't walk away
She might be wrong, though she's usually right
I just want to hold her through the night

When Diana Fell

Written By: Nelson J. Stewart

For just five days I felt like Keats
And Diana was my muse
For her I wrote and I bled my soul
In the end missed the cues

She held me up she let me go
And the Earth it seems so near
She was the purest of ideals
But now she represents my fear
My dear

I thought she knew me
Could see right through me
I thought she knew me
I was wrong

When Diana fell
She brought me down to my knees
When Diana fell
She ignored all my pleas

I gasped at beauty so profound
Today she choked off all my words
My faith is gone, religion I knew
Request sublime goes no unheard
Have you heard

I thought she knew me
Could see right through me
I thought she knew me
I was wrong

When Diana fell
She brought me down to my knees
When Diana fell
She ignored all my pleas
When Diana fell
She brought me down to her world of pain

And after all she could do it again...


The Scottish Rogues (1995)
Hollerin For Haggis (1996)
Live in Canada, Eh? (1997)
Off Kilter (1999)
V.O. (2001)
Made in Texas CD (2003)
Made in Texas DVD (2003)
Roguetrip (2005)
US Air Force Constitution Hall DVD (2007)
American Highlander (2008)
3 LBS. of RAGE (2010)

The AMERICAN ROGUES can be purchased on their website (

Set List

The ROGUES set list consists of a mixture of originals, covers, and traditional Celtic music. We often perform 3 different sets per show at a length of 45-60 minutes per set. Depending on the musical requirements and the finances involved with any given show we can also appear with 4-8 musicians.


The Gael (Last of the Mohicans)
Bonny Portmore (from the film "Kill The Irishman")
Scotland the Brave (traditional)
Amazing Grace (trad.)
The Waterfall (orig.)
153 (Simpleton's Lament) (orig.)
When Diana Fell (orig.)
Game of Thrones Theme
Boats & Hose
Centerfold (cover -- J. Geils Band)
You Can't Always Get What You Want (The Rolling Stones)
Fisherman's Blues (The Waterboys)
The Boatman (The Levellers)
Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd)
Tuesday Morning (The Pogues)
Dirty Old Town (The Pogues)
South Australia (Pogues version)
Brown-Eyed Girl (Van Morrison)
Home for a Rest (Spirit of the West)
Marine Corp. Hymn
The Army Song
Pressed for Time
American Hi