The Summoned

The Summoned

 Lowell, Massachusetts, USA
BandMetalDeath Metal

The Summoned is a technical metal band from Boston, MA for fans of The Red Chord and The Faceless. Our music is the equivalent to being strapped to an unstoppable missile on it's way to destroying a distant planet.


Known for their intensity in both their music and live shows Boston based experimental death metal band The Summoned are being considered as fore-runners in the New England metal scene. They've been referred to such bands as Between The Buried and Me, The Faceless and The Red Chord but that doesn't stop them from experimenting with their sound but maintaining the intensity they're most known for. With Steve Thompson on Vocals, Shaun Murphy and Josh Crocker on Guitars, Justin Marchant on Bass, and Sam Hang on Drums The Summoned believes they have collectively brought out all their separate influences to create their own vision of experimental death metal.

Formed in the winter of 2007 in a span of just five years The Summoned has completed two east coast tours, a 23 day tour, a tour of Canada, played shows in fifteen+ states, released an EP, released a full length and has had the honor of opening for national acts such as Between The Buried and Me, Cannibal Corpse, The Faceless, Veil of Maya, Periphery, Job For A Cowboy, Dying Fetus, Beneath The Massacre, Ion Dissonance, Through The Eyes of the Dead, Carnifex, Overkill, Vader, Chimaira and more.

With the release of their highly anticipated full length "If Only Minds Could Paint Pictures" The Summoned truly believe this is their best work to date. Vocalist Steve Thompson proclaims "We wanted to truly create an album that is just unrelenting, an album that needs to be listened to from start to finish as opposed to song by song. We wanted to truly capture the feeling of our intense live shows and include it in "If Only Minds Could Paint Pictures" and we believe we've achieved that in this album."

With two east cost tours, an EP release, endorsements, opening for national acts, radio air play and a highly acclaimed full length under their belt The Summoned has proven that their hard work with song writing and live shows strike a nerve. Praised by their peers and highly acclaimed responses from fans, The Summoned have no intentions of slowing down and maintaining their status of fore-runners in the New England metal scene.


The Flood

Written By: Steve Thompson

It had come
Like the flood
Letters from a man
I've never heard of

In full detail
These grisly crimes
The innocent
Have no time

As each day passes by
A new letter arrives
More heinous acts
Confusion sets in
The unmarked sender
An unknown man
Seems so familiar
Yet so abstract

As I lay down to rest
I begin to enter this trance
Envisioning these crimes
It seems like I just can not hide

I wake up
Blood stained hands
What could have
Gone so wrong

I survey the scene
What does this all mean
Is this just a dream
Was this really me

As I reflect
On all my visions
This unknown man
Begins to take form
As these images
Become clearer
I see now
With no doubt that

I am the sender
Unaware of my crimes

Dreaming In 2D

Written By: Steve Thompson

Nightly rituals
Little do I know
This could be
The very last time
I will see this world
It seems to be
So useless to me
Yet so needy

In my restless slumber
I toss and turn
Dreaming of the day
What a day it was
Random things I foresee
Oh my god what the
A shadow in the dark
He stands before me

Outer body it seems
He stands before me

Standing behind
Watching his work
As he carves into me

Blood flows seamlessly
He turns to flee
Passing through me
This isn’t a dream
He slaughtered me
This cannot be

I beg for redemption
Hoping for acceptance
I beg for redemption
For my resurrection

As I look down
I see my hands
Cover in blood and flesh
I raise my head
To my reflection
Wait I am him

I must flee
This murder scene
I walk outside
A new kind

I’m a new kind

Anatomy of a Bar Fight

Written By: Steve Thompson & Jake Kelleher

I’ve been just sitting here
In this dimly lit room
With a stench so potent
The whole room is consumed
Not a moment of silence
The deaf hear it clear
Faces without expression
People keep talking
Without a thing to say

At first things seemed so clear
Now visions start to fade
Overwhelmed with unknown fear
So quickly turns to rage

Blood boiling
Under skin
With clenched teeth
Hair stands straight on end

Standing up as the crowd goes quiet
All attention now shifts towards me
At this point anger beings to peak
Taking aggression out on the meek

First drop of blood
Has now been spilled
This will not end
Till I’ve had my fill
Tearing off limbs
With hands full of flesh
Broken record
Plays songs of regret

I am lost in this hole
Drenched in blood
I reached my goal
Seeing the carnage done
I should have stayed at home


Written By: Steve Thompson

The way I feel
Without you
Empty inside
I’m consumed

I am alone
No one to call
My home

This prison
I am inside
These wounds
Won’t heal with time

So many times
So many ways
I could have been
The fucking one
The only one
You could ever love

All these moments
And all the times
We shared
Was a fucking sham
You always had a plan

Since day one
You were a ghost
A parasite at most

So close but so distant
I can smell your flesh
In the vacant room
On the sheets
That we shared

When I first saw you
Little did I knew
What you would do
The demon in you

It was all lies
You in disguise
You’re my demise
Dead inside

And when the time came
To go our separate ways
I stand alone with no heart
Torn apart

Because of you
I’m alone
Without you
I’m a ghost


If Only Minds Could Paint Pictures (LP / 2011)
3 Song Demo (Demo / 2009)
Harvest (EP / 2007)

Set List

20 Minute Set:
1: Quasars
2: The Grave Mistake
3: Dreaming In 2D
4: Anatomy of a Bar Fight
-- Break/noise track ---
5: The Flood

30 Minute Set:
1: Quasars
2: The Grave Mistake
3: Dreaming In 2D
4: Anatomy of a Bar Fight
-- Break/noise track ---
5: The Flood
6: Voids