The TVees

The TVees


The TVees make music to dance to. With a common love of 1960's garage bands such as Barry & the Remains, The Kinks and The Sonics, The TVees are part of a growing resurgence of the PACIFIC NORTHWEST garage scene. They are bent on delivering a high energy show that's guaranteed to make you sweat.


Originally founded by Kyle McQueen and Chris Rousseau, in August of 2007, the TVees began to try and capture the energy of the music they were hearing at local house parties where 1960's garage and RnB acts were often the music of choice. Both members had each done considerable time in Hard Core and Post Punk bands, such as "OXBAKER" and "COMPANY DIME", and they felt it was time to get people dancing again. After trying out 2 drummers, they were lucky enough to have an ad answered by Rob Dewingaerde, a veteran of the Vancouver garage and rockabilly scenes. Rob's long list of past projects include "LOS DISASTROS", a formidable force in Vancouvers' mid to late 90's garage punk scene as well as Vancouvers legendary psychobilly outfit "THE DEADCATS".

The chemistry was immediate and they haven't looked back since. In a short time The TVees have become a fixture of local Vancouver College radio shows as well as playing with out of town acts such as "THE PAPERDOLLS" (Seattle), "THE HEELS" (Seattle), and "STRAIGHTJACKET" (Portland). Always positive, The TVees pride themselves on making their live shows fun and energetic, and of course getting the kids up to stomp dance floors into sawdust.


Our S/T disc has dropped and debuted at #6 on the Earshot CiTR Radio charts!!!

5 of the 9 songs we have recorded are featured here and have received local College Radio airplay. We were also fortunate to have some of our tracks featured on the following podcasts

In A Trance:

The Trash Can in London, UK
RADIOBLIVIAN #23 with Michael Kaiser in Tennessee, USA
The Sleazepit Volume XXI with Greg Lonesome in Pennsylvania, USA
The Aging Rockstar podcast #2 in Vancouver, Canada

My Baby:

FLYING SAUCER ROCK & ROLL #51 with Dan Electreau in Calgary, Canada
The Hobson & Holtz Report - Podcast #359 California, USA, and Berkshire, England.

(She's A) Hurricane:

Whiskey & Waterbeds #17 in Virginia, USA

My Baby, Hurricane, In a Trance, Stranded and She's No Good were all played on "NYT FRA PODHEAD.DK #38" in Denmark

(She's A) Hurricane will also be featured on an upcoming compilation CD by Pop Suicidal Records in the UK

Chart Info:

Earshot - Canada Top 50

#44 Feb 24th, 2009

#33 March 3rd, 2009

CITR Charts – Vancouver, BC

#6 January 13th, 2009

#7 January 20th, 2009

#1 February 17th, 2009

#6 February 24th, 2009

CJAM Charts - Windsor, ON

#11 February 24th, 2009

#18 March 3rd, 2009

CFRU Charts Guelph, ON

#14 March 3rd, 2009

CHRW Charts London, ON

#17 March 3rd, 2009

CIUT Charts Toronto, ON

#11 March 3rd, 2009

Set List

Typically our set is 35-40 minutes in length. We usually do one cover and have several new songs in the works that will eventually allow us to play even longer!

01. Stranded
02. One & Only
03. (She's a) Hurricane
04. The Bright Side
05. Twist my arm
06. She's no Good
07. In a trance
08. My Baby
09. I Can Wait
10. S.O.S
11. Leave Me Alone