The Wandas

The Wandas


"theWANDAS are suddenly (only with much hard work and extensive touring, of course,) one of the best bands in America. As it ended up, they were easily one of the best live shows we saw in Austin last week." - (SXSW 2010)



Fresh out of the studio with an all star lineup who helped make their forthcoming LP, theWANDAS are generating a boatload of buzz over their new album.

Being discovered by producer Patrick Krief (guitarist of Montreal indie rockers, The Dears) has it's perks. Like being invited to the legendary MIXart studios in Montreal to record a new album. Per Krief's recommendation Dave Schiffman (Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers) came on board to mix the album in Los Angeles and fellow Canadian Ryan Morey (Arcade Fire, The Stills, Wolf Parade) finished the job by mastering the new album in Montreal.

The new album is due out in the summer of 2011 and is already peeking fans and musicians interests; members of The Stills and Stars both performed on the new album after hearing about theWANDAS through producer Patrick Krief.  
"theWANDAS spent the better part of 2010 touring the bejesus out of their third album, New Wave Blues. In the process, they caused a few bloggers’ jaws to hit the floor at South by Southwest and squashed the competition at WBRU’s Rock Hunt battle of the bands.

The retro rock charms found on New Wave Blues should mollify anyone put off by the fact that none of these four dudes are actually named Wanda. The catchy and heartfelt “Thank You Note” exemplifies what a hit single should be, “Lose You” gushes lovelorn anguish, and “Please Come Home” proves that sounding like Neil Diamond isn’t necessarily something to be ashamed of.

Still, it’s the Wandas stage show–which manages to be at once tight and bombastic–that has them topping our lists."- TimeOut Magazine.

theWANDAS have supported: Dawes, Justin Townes Earle,The Dears, Adam Duritz, The Futureheads, The Duhks, Eulogies and many more.

2010 - Timeout Magazine, selected theWANDAS as "best live act of 2010"
2010 - Boston Music Award nominated theWANDAS for "best pop act" 
2010 - CMJ Music Mararhon showcase review " With their big shout-along choruses and their classic rock melodies, the band managed to whip the crowd at the Bowery Poetry Club into a sugary frenzy" -
2010 - SXSW showcase review -"...this Boston act is suddenly (only with much hard work and extensive touring, of course,) one of the best bands in America. As it ended up, they were easily one of the best live shows we saw in Austin last week." - "
2010 - theWANDAS win 95.5 WBRU Rock Hunt

In 2009-2010 theWANDAS toured through 40 of the 50 United States (many 2-3 times) building a loyal fan base who in turn funded their forthcoming album. theWANDAS sold pre-orders of their album directly to their fans and raised $12,000 to self-release their new album.


Summer 2011- theWANDAS - lp

2009 - New Wave Blues - lp

Produced and Mixed By Patrick Krief
Engineered By J. Saliba
Assistant Engineer: J. Powers
Recorded at P.A.P.E.R.C.U.P. in Boston, Massachusetts
Mastered By: Ryan Morey at Ryebread studios, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Keith McEachern: Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Synth
Brent Battey: Guitar, Vocals
Ross Lucivero: Bass, Vocals
Pete McElholm: Drums

Addition instruments:
Guitar: Patrick Krief
Violin: Brenda Van Der Merwe
Viola: Dimitar Petkov
Cello: Leo Eguchi
Trumpet: Jeff Lizotte
Tenor Saxophone: Matt Kane
Additional Vocals on "Better Now" Erica Mazaika

Album artwork by Jess Burhans

Set List

theWANDAS have a catalog of roughly 30 original songs and usually perform 10-15 of them per set; 45-60 minute set length. theWANDAS can perform two 45-60 minute sets. A cover or two may be thrown in a set for some extra effect. Cover songs that have been played include songs by: John Lennon, Wilco, Elvis, Tom Petty, Queen, The Pixies, The Beatles, and more.