The Western

The Western

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

We are: The hum of the Suspension Bridge and rumbling trains. Chantix, Modelo and SNUS. Northern Kentucky. Amberley Village. Norwood. Over-the-Rhine. Lipstick, sex and libations. Beards and tangles. We are The Western.


Born in a factory west of Interstate 75 and just east of some weathered train tracks, The Western sways in the thick of Lockland, Ohio. But this is a Cincinnati sound, one crafted in the wake of alternative and rock 'n' roll efforts, choir practice (yep!) and libations en masse. Ben, Dave and Rich – longtime friends – lift Leigh's tales with an affinity for raw and atmospheric ideas, all kept in time with a tambourine.

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"Most Best Record" dropped March 2012

Our self-titled EP dropped May 2010

Set List

1 hour