Tijuana Bullfight

Tijuana Bullfight

 Los Angeles, California, USA

The Original Southern California Sludge Rock- SoCal Sludge
"A big wet smack on the ass that leaves begging for more...delivering catchy hooks laced with a pulsating wall of thunder". -Colin Ayling -Skinnie Magazine. TJBF has toured the states and opened for such acts as Smile Empty Soul, The Cramps, OneSizeZero, Ratt. No animals were harmed in the making of this band!


Tijuana Bullfight- The original Southern California Sludge-SoCal Sludge--- Born out of Los Angeles, California (SoCal), Tijuana Bullfight captures the loud, fast, free, sun burnt spirit of west coast rock. Originating their Southern California Sludge with influences from beachside punk and LA underground Alt/Rock, they fuse the rumble and fuzz of cranked-up MesaBoogies, and drums tuned down to a thunderous low.

Already finding the radar with their debut, the SoCal Sludge rockers Tijuana Bullfight are back with sophomore release "Southern California". In 2015 the band kicks off with "The Year of the Bullfight tour 2015" with 2 shows in Austin, TX at SXSW. 

TJBF's self titled debut, two US tours and Radio success of "Terrified Teenagers" and BLEED has enabled them snag invitations to perform and support some heavy heights in the Rock and Punk world. 

On the debut record legendary mixer Jack Endino (Nirvana), Ralph Patlan (Megadeth) worked feverishly to capture the core of the big TJBF SLUDGE sound. Feature Film and TV placements struck notice with MTV's reality series "Real World" and "Road Rules" who consistently licensed from the band.

On the latest release Southern California, TJBF split time writing and recording in Scott Weilands (Stone Temple Pilots) Lavish Studios and the legendary Entourage studio in North Hollywood, CA, which acts as home base for the band recordings. The bands Southern California popularity and fan base, garnered industry attention, which led them to work with top producers on their long awaited sophomore release entitled "SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA". TJBF enlisted the talents of producer/engineer Douglas Grean (Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver) and engineer Ashburn Miller (Deadsy, Orgy) along with friend and mentor Grammy award winning producer the late-Mike Shipley (Sex Pistols, Def Leppard, Papa Roach). Rae Dileo (Filter) finished the final mix. "Writing, recording and working at two different studios with different producers and engineers allowed the band to create something fresh and eclectic yet staying true to they're punk, sludge roots". With creative line up in tack, originality brought on by inspiring musical idols and icons, the product is uniquely their own, TJBF anticipate that their new album will as Skinnie magazine quotes"slap you on the ass, then have you begging for more"!  

Core member Anthony Binikos and Mark Atienza have started TJBF Global to facilitate all branding, touring and future releases. 

You can also catch up on all news, tours, releases etc on TJBFs website. TJBF has been invited and performed at: 

SXSW -NXNW -Midpoint Music fest -Motor CIty Music Fest- Sunset Strip Music festival.