Timbre Coup

Timbre Coup


Formed in early Fall of 2007, Timbre Coup is a genre mashup of a band who has shared the stage with such progressive acts as The New Deal, Umelt, and The Breakfast to name a few. With a progtronic style mixed with infectious dance grooves, this young group never fails to get the crowd moving.



Timbre Coup is your favorite band. Setting out to provide listeners with an exciting mix of dance and rock, these 4 boys are quickly building a fanbase in the Northeast, shooting to play 80 shows in 2010. Since the beginning of 2009, TC has shared the stage with The New Deal, U-Melt, Project/Object, Schleigho, the Brew, and Consider the Source, to name a few. Timbre Coup was formed in the summer of 2007 through the meeting of Matt and Ben Pick, Dan Gerken, and Andrew Chamberlaine who is busy in his last semester of music school. Albany's newest and freshest band is currently looking to book as many shows as possible while promoting their first full length album entitled "Fools Gold". They will be releasing their second album "Check Out This" in spring 2010.
Influences include everything under the sun and more along with various animated specials and jazz music. Written in sweat, joy and passion the band's music swells with heavy funk and metal influences, coupled with a latin taste that leaves listeners grooving to an original sound. House and dance beats are no strangers to the band either and listeners can feel the enthusiasm of the band through their lyrics as well as their branding guitar licks and jaw dropping percussion. Whats more to say? For a fresh musical experience check out Timbre Coup and get your groove on!

You'll have to hear it to understand it.



Written By: Timbre Coup

Searching long for you and finding nothing of the like...waiting here for this and seeing nothing but the night

Frigid finding so surprised that I have found you first...compromised my own intentions justified my thirst

If Misplaced

Written By: Timbre Coup

The night speaks true to me and you but I don't even know your name..
The sky is green the grass is blue and I'm convinced the world's insane

Please return to rightful position

So hold your breath if you've one left you only have one day with me..
The kids will bark the dogs will cry and everything you learned was free

I don't even know you

Arnold Schwarzeneggar

Written By: Timbre Coup

Couldn't be simpler
looking for answers
you should've known better
before you taste it before it makes sense
What gives you say so
and what makes you need so
It would've been good to know
before you taste it before it makes sense

Your life's on a timer
It's tick tock hereafter
but when ticking is pleasure
your means to an end your means to an end
With no consequences
your feeding your quenches
but its you with the clenched fist
your means to an end your means to and end

Facing the problem
Chasing who robbed them
I guess this is your plan
Your means to an end before you taste it your means to an end before it makes sense

Noon 30

Written By: Timbre Coup

Along we move to common groove
to tunes extraordinary
and so we roll, and take our toll
it's only ordinary

We don't know what we're doing
We are kids without a home
What you'd like to tell us
We already leaned on our own


Timbre Coup-self titled EP (2007)
Fools Gold-Full length (2009)
Check Out This- Full Length (2010)

Set List

Something about Radio
How to Rob a Ben
How to Rob a Bank
Arnold Schwarzeneggar
Part B
Check Out This
Flexible Grandma
Noon 30
Hurt Potential
Don't Fly a Key on a Kite String When it's Lightninging
If Misplaced
Fools Gold
Stealth Mode
Mother Nature's Baby Daddy
Leaving the scene

Usually play 2 one hour sets, with one cover a show. Covers range from obscure 90s rock such as Cake and Incubus to all out dance tunes from artists such as Chromeo and Coolio.