Tomten combines crafty and catchy songwriting with a unique sound centered around the electric organ. Their music is heavily influenced by the British Invasion, as well as Singer/Songwriters of the late 60's and early 70s.



Tomten is a quartet from Seattle, Washington. They are often described as "Baroque Pop" for their retro organ driven sound. Tomten was formed in 2010 by four Cornish College of the Arts students and started performing regularly in Seattle that summer. In the fall of 2010 they recorded their eponymous debut LP (released Dec. 14, 2010). In March of 2011 Tomten won First Place in the EMP/SFM's Sound Off! Competition which secured them a slot at Seattle's Bumbershoot Festival 2011. Tomten spent the summer of 2011 preparing and recording new material for their 2nd LP "Wednesday's Children" (TBA 2012) and travelled to Iceland in August to perform at Menningarnot in Reykjavik. The "Ta Ta Dana" Single is scheduled for release in November 2011.

"Through the use of jangly guitar, soaring organ and nostalgic lyrics, Seattle's baroque pop group Tomten create infectious and sophisticated compositions that evoke the Village Green era of The Kinks. A man out of time, singer/organist Brian Noyeswatkins leads the group through landscapes of jaunty pop and mellotron-drenched psyche; crafting clever and quirky songs packed with timeless hooks."

-EMP Seattle


Ta Ta Dana

Written By: Noyeswatkins

It's the coldest day of the year
no one's out
the road's are clear
and I will drive you home
in my little grey sports car
then I will leave you alone
Ta Ta Dana, Ta
Dana, Ta Ta
I will tip my hat and split
and Dana, Ta
open the door
there will never be anyone
who is as sincere i'm sure
who is as sincere...

nod by the fire
dream in the hearth's dying light
stare through the stained glass
out where the strangers pass

Ta Ta Dana, Ta
Dana,Ta Ta...


Tomten (2010)
Ta Ta Dana/Thwarting The Young (Single) (2011)

Set List

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Ta Ta Dana
So So So
Wednesday's Children
Bertolt Brecht
Springtime in Tangier
Salamander Jack
Rhododendron Rd.
Thwarting The Young
It Won't Escape Me
Rest Assured
All On A Winter's Day
The Pleasure Is All Yours
Some Things Are Hard To Find
Robber Barons
Civilizing Process
She's Impetuous
Sonny Don't
Anyone's Guess