Travelin' Blues a.k.a. Detroit's Greektown Bluesman

Travelin' Blues a.k.a. Detroit's Greektown Bluesman

 Detroit, Michigan, USA

As a professional performer Travelin’ Blues has the ablility to rock a crowd and to keep their attention with his talent as a storyteller. He plays his many original songs, blues standards, soul, rock and country. He is a master blues guitarist with a deep soulful voice.


Travelin’ Blues is a musical storyteller whose life experiences add to his performances of country and urban blues.

Even though you do not find it on his schedule you can often times find Travelin' playing at Steve's Place in Detroit next door to St. Andrew’s Hall.

His repertoire includes everything from his over 400 original compositions, to blues standards, and original plantation songs, to soul/Motown and rock.

Travelin’ spent every summer in the Mississippi Delta where he learned the history of both traditional plantation music and the blues. He used to play his guitar and sing for many who gathered for Sunday meeting or for local celebrations. This is where he began honing his skills as a master blues guitarist and learned early on how to carry the interest of both adults and children.

He grew up the son of a soldier who was stationed in Germany. After being coming home from Europe his father became a chef and worked at the White House. This is where he picked up the art of food preparation. Travelin’ is not only a great musician but an awesome cook as well.

His voice carries the feeling of the blues. He can sing everything from old-time blues to country, rock to soul and jazz.

Travelin' plays both acoustic and electric guitar. His favorite guitar is his 1934 Gibson (a gift from the late Charlie Banister.) It is old, scratched up and weather worn, but the guitar still sounds true and full. Travelin’ plays to his many fans in Detroit and particularly at Steve’s Place most everyday, all day and night. One can often find him on Monroe Street in Greek Town spreading his joy of music happiness to passersby.

Travelin' performs at festivals, night clubs, concert houses, private parties, schools, churches, libraries, and civic/special functions.


Twilight Song

Written By: Karen Totten/Travelin' Blues

Twilight Song

In cooling August evenings
I think of how it gets to be—
someone tending, someone taking—
will this be you and me?

In those far years, uncertain roads,
will I hold your trembling hand,
will you bring me broth and tea?

Find the comb with the silvery tines,
smooth away the gathering lines.
Hum, you hum until we both sleep;
this day’s faith we dare to keep.

Somebody Like You

Written By: Travelin' Blues

I need someone to love
someone i know
somebody like you

i need someone to be
right here with me
somebody like you

maybe you don't feel my heart is real
let me show you
what i'm going through

i need someone I can call
when i'm feeling low
somebody like you

somebody i know
won't leave me alone
somebody like you

I feel that its real
what we can do
I'm needing you

I'm needing you
just to pull me through
somebody like you

I need someone to be
right here with me
somebody like you

I need someone I know
won't up and go
somebody like you

and if you feel it is not real
oh look again
don't worry look at the cover
cover i'm in

i need someone to love
somone to love me too
somebody like you

I need someone i know
won't ever go
someboy like you

you dont what to be alone
'cause I'm strong
'cause I'll be there for you; I'll be there for you
I'll be there for you;I'll be there for you


Street Corner Blues, Nightly Things, Big City Blues, Live At The Crow, and Searching

Set List

Nighly Things, Wade In The Water, 23rd Psalm,I Got The Blues, Street Bussin', Ghetto Woman, Can You Feel Me, Johny B, Big Leg Woman, Crazy 'Bout My Baby, All My Affection Is Gone, Would I Make It Back, Gutbucet Boogie, Hambone, Tin Pan Aley, Trouble In Mind, Come By Here, Voodoo Chile, Sweet You, Somebody Like You, Born By The River, You Didn't Know, You Got Me Runnin', Short Haired Woman, In Love With Another Man, Louisianna Blues, That Means So Much To Me, Lonesome, When The Saints Go Marchin' In, Bunion Stew, Come By Here, and many of over 400 hundred songs written by Travelin' and more blues standards, soul, plantation, and rock songs.