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Uncle DooDad


Uncle DooDad is an original rock trio based in Seattle, WA. Their diverse musical influences and backgrounds have resulted in creations that range from lap steel and slide to rockers, ballads and bluegrass. Craig uses a wide variety of instruments and equipment to create the unique tones you hear.


The seeds for Uncle DooDad were sown sometime around 1997 when Joe was managing another Seattle band and Craig was on keys. They ran into each other again in 2000 at a local studio during production of a demo for another band that Joe was playing bass in. A few years and a couple of bands later Joe and Craig met up again when they were out seeing some live music and decided to work up their own material. They put an ad in the paper for a drummer and after a few misses they hit it off with a local kid named Brian Pedersen. Brian was 17 at the time and spent many nights sitting in the truck waiting for his opportunity to perform.

Craig VanGenderen ( lead/rhythm guitar, vocals) has been playing guitars and keyboards for over 20 years for a wide variety of acts. Craig is a unique and versatile player and he uses some unusual instruments and tunings to produce his sounds. You may catch him working with a 1930's lap steel, electric dobro, sitar, 1953 Fender stringmaster, or a Hammond organ, sometimes all in the same night. "It starts with a sound in my head. The different instruments are a product of me trying to reproduce those sounds physically".

Joe Johnson (bass guitar) has been involved in the music business for at least 15 years now in many different capacities. He has managed rock bands, been a booking agent, soundman, roadie, put on music festivals, and worked for some record labels among other things. His passion for music has drawn him to make his own now. After going through the experience of several local bands and projects there has been a core group of friends that have been a mainstay for him and fortunately they are now able to come together with the goal of making music that is both meaningful and inspiring.

Bryan Pedersen (drums) is absorbed in his music and constantly looks to his icons for inspiration. He has studied music at Bellevue Community College and is now working on a degree in environmental science. He says "Playing means the world to me and I try my hardest to produce the best music that I can."
**************************************************************** JANUARY 1, 2010 - Uncle DooDad launches thier own record label, Knick Knack Records! Following several failed courtships by indie labels Uncle DooDad has decided to launch thier own record label. After weighing all of the options before them the band has assembled a team of marketers, promoters, web developers and investors to launch a label that is focused purely on promoting and distributing the music of Uncle DooDad. "The current state of the music industry is like the wild west" says bass player, Joe. "We can make it into whatever we want. Nobody in the industry has figured out what the proper business model should be at this point". The band is at the point where they are writing, recording, producing, marketing, promoting, and selling thier own music and so it was a natural conclusion that the band is performing all of the basic functions of a record label. Thus Knick Knack Records LLC was born. Joe had been working for several successful indie record labels on the west coast over the years and Craig has been working hard at building a studio that is suitable for the huge volume of material that is being produced. At the same time the band has been very busy with an active live performance schedule in 2009. Stop by www.uncledoodad.com for free streaming audio recording of shows in Seattle, Portland and Bellingham. More music being updated regularly so check back often.


Check out www.uncledoodad.com for our studio demo, outtakes and tons of live shows. All free streaming audio.

Set List

We can play anywhere from short 40 minute sets to all nighters. Depends on the situation.