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Vega Under Fire is an Indie Dance Rock group based out of Naples Florida. With members converging from previous bands with all different styles and backgrounds, Vega brings a new but familiar sound to the table using dancy verses mixed with powerhouse choruses and intricate breakdowns.
In a market filled with recycled trends and music, Vega Under Fire works to accomplish something more than catching the tail end of a fad. One can see it in the energy and sweat of their live show and hear it in every note on their EP.

Location: Naples, FL

Style: Pop-Rock, Dance, Fun, Indie, Rock

Years as a band: 3.5 years

Tour History: Touring with Mayday Parade, There for Tomorrow, The Dangerous Summer this Winter 2009.

Vega Under Fire has played more than 320 shows

Philosophy: "We believe the individuals who hear our music should have just as much fun listening to it, as we do playing it."

Vega Under Fire doesn't have fans; they have friends. They feel it's important to create a relationship with anyone who takes the time to listen to their music.


"Life of the Party"

Written By: Vega Under Fire

Tell me you're attracted
Tell me you'd love to come in
Have a seat and a evening cup of coffee
But you refuse to have a cigarette

Wont you keep me warm and willing?
If you're lucky.

We can dance the night away
Won't wait for love to sweep you off your feet
And when the moment comes, you'll stumble some
And they'll follow you home

Come and get me, I'm warm and willing
Feeling Lucky, I'm Feeling lucky

Dance the night away
Won't wait for love to sweep you off your feet
And when the moment comes, you'll stumble some
And they'll follow you home

I fear that you may find me lonely
And take advantage of the fact that
I've turned my back and left you with a straight shot baby

"Fabricated Air"

Written By: Vega Under Fire

Oh the past few days
Have shown me that I've been torn
Between a nomadic life and a family I adore
I haven't been sleeping so well

Yeah, I've given it a lot of thought
And there is no sense in complaining
Or waiting for a change of heart
For all my guilt to start setting in

My lungs are weak from all this fabricated air

Weeks go by and I still don't have the strength
To lie, but I try
The line was crossed and now its time to start over
There's gotta be something that I give a damn about

I doubt my faith
I doubt that this will turn out my way
And if anything, you will be ashamed

Don't count on those who are hollow
Lend your hand and pray that someday
They will return the favor


"Life of the Party" (E.P.) - 2008
"Hello" (E.P.) - 2007

Set List

Setlist for Summer 2009 tour:

1. Boom Boom
2 .Cue the Fight Song
3. Fabricated Air
4. Life of the Party
5. Drop Dead Gorgeous
6. Catapult

Past Cover Songs:
"Carless Whisper" - George Michael