Velvet Truckstop

Velvet Truckstop


Hailing from Black Mountain, North Carolina, Velvet Truckstop sits atop the nexus of blues, country, and southern-fried rock-n-roll. Throw in a tendency for hard jammin, and the Truckstop is sure to keep your feet movin' and your ass shakin'.



Velvet Truckstop takes the time-honored instrumentation of the classic rock ‘n’ roll outfit and relentlessly engages house full’s of loyal audiences who themselves likewise feel the blues, dance the funk, and sing the truth; for people who strive to love life. “It’s the kind of rock you can lose yourself in”, comments Gus Lubin from Winston-Salem’s Yes Weekly. When musical magic occurs spontaneously on stage, the experience is shared by performer and audience alike. It is an alchemy that cannot be artificially reproduced, only happening in the ‘moment’ when the circumstances are perfectly aligned…which is most certainly quite often for this band of musical stalwarts. “Sweet Release” is a brand new compilation of original songs from Velvet Truckstop that highlights the astonishing growth of this young group. The energy surrounding the project attracted guest contributions from locals and legends. “Sweet Release” boasts intricate harmonies from the amazing voice of Mary Ellen Bush of Ménage, and keyboard wizardry from Tom Constanten of the Grateful Dead on several tracks; percussion parts by Chris Pyle of Royal Trux and The Fenwicks, and from his notable father, Artimus Pyle of Lynyrd Skynyrd fame on “Condey Heights Millionaire”. Buddy Cage from New Riders of the Purple Sage adds colorful, soulful and definitive tracks on pedal steel to “Carolina Way”, “Box” and “Resting Place”. It’s an album like an album should be: eminently listenable and enjoyable from start to finish! There’s something for everyone, as Glide Magazine’s Brian Robbins avows, “In a Mason jar, mix equal parts Drive-By-Truckers-style crunch, chamois shirt soul, Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, and vintage Band-ish blues. Don’t be afraid to play with the mix as the song requires, but make sure there’s always enough of it all in there so that the Velvet Truckstop flavor comes through.”


Velvet Truckstop (ep) - 2007

Set List

Mercenary Wind
Carolina Way
It Takes A Lot To Laugh (cover)
Just So Happens
Lover Liar
Don't Do It (cover)
Viola Lee Blues (cover)
Resting Place
Sullen Woman
Sweet Release

typical set length: 90 - 120 min