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Although the norwegian band Wilfred would seem perfectly at home in New York, L.A. or Seattle, their classic Rock'n'Roll sound has a decidedly global ring to it. Thanks to its refined combination of monolithic Guitar-Rock and vivid Songwriter-Pop, the trio's debut album instantly turns them into an act to watch out for in the future.

There seems to be no end to the constant stream of exciting acts from Jazz/Pop/Rock-wonderland Norway. To an outsider, some of them would seem at home in the clubs of Manhattan, New Orleans or Seattle. And yet, Wilfred are from brittle Oslo instead. The trio's name, culled from the main character of Johann Borgens's novel „Lillelord“, may well be the only obvious reference to their roots. Their musical influences, after all, rather stem from the classic Americana-blend of Pop, Alternative Country and Rock, resulting in sweeping guitar-grooves and contageous melodies.

The trio have recorded 11 powerfull tracks, and have been released on the German label on Songways/Ozella. All eleven tracks contained on the album are marked by a palpable enthusiasm and sensibility akin to the immediacy of 70s Guitar-Rock and further enriched with melodious pop-hooks. Even though their style congenially fuses elements of Southern-Rock, Bluegrass and Stadion Rock, it nonetheless offers a truly individual approach free from any kind of nostalgic tendencies.

In songs like these, Wilfred's debut develops the power to make you believe in the timeless and progressive power of Rock'n'Roll again. You can always trust these three musicians, on-demand session studio- and session-instrumentalists for the likes of Marit Larsen, to deliver. Their spirited performance and technical prowess are all part of a vision: To assure a sonically inspiring place for rock music in the future.

Their tunes "Time after time" and "Blue Eyed Angel" are airplayed at over 50 radiostations in the USA and Canada. Some of the stations are:
Radio 102 FM, Indie 104 Radio L.A, WJFN-FM 99.7, KQRO 99.9, Music express radio, RFTK Radio, FNA Radio, Palomar Radio, Wyrelite Radio, Underworldmix Radio.

"The Norwegian band, Wilfred, will easily entertain you with their Southern Rock flavor. With a deep love and passion to make music, Wilfred has all the right stuff. What makes Wilfred's music even more enjoyable to listen to is the band's fantastic sound. " Isaac Davies, Juniors cave Magazine

”Drop the needle on Wilfred, lie back and close your eyes. No matter which guess you make on which part of the U.S. these guys are from you would be wrong. They are from Oslo, Norway. The music is based on 70's rock with great pop hooks.” zakflak.blogspot

"Wilfred delivered a amazing concert, energetic, joyfull and confidence in a guitarbased groove. This is a band we definetly want to hear more from in the future" O. Frisvold, TK (Newspaper)

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Love is not enough

Written By: Jan Terje Sager

Some say love is a hard way
Some say love is the road
Some say love is the finest part of growing
I say love hits you all

It’s the one love to
Remind you
Just how precious you are
It’s the one love to
Remind you
Of it all
Love is not enough

Some say hate is a bad thing
Some say hate is a need
Some say hate takes you many steps back
I say hate hits you all


Acoustica vol 11.
Norwegian Wood - Music for China vol.9

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