Wonky Tonk

Wonky Tonk


"sweetly naive Folk music that has the off kilter lilt of Bjork raised in the Midwest and brought up on Woody Guthrie songs. She says she sounds like "Janis Joplin buying Dylan at Walgreens." - CityBeat 2008



Wonky Tonk began as a fairy tale of a 19-year old singer-songwriter and her acoustic guitar. In a matter of months, she was invited to perform at showcases and music festivals, recorded her debut solo album, and put together a masterful group of musicians. Though they have been described by CityBeat as "sweetly naive folk music", the band aspires to be something much more ambitious. Wonky Tonk's euphoric jingles have given way to sad, dissonant ballads that more appropriately represent the band's pyschosis.

2008 was a big rookie year for Wonky Tonk. After garnering attention at the 2008 Midpoint Music Festival and 2008 Brink Music Festival, the band was nominated for CityBeat's Cincinnati Entertainment Award for Best New Artist. The band's debut album "Get on the Train" was also recognized by CityBeat as one of the best recordings of the year.

In the early part of 2009, the band hit the road on a four-week U.S. tour in support of their sophomore release, the "Super Holy Fantastic!" EP. The News Record's Sean Peters says, "A week after their album release party at the Southgate House, Wonky Tonk’s live show is like an eclectic Woody Guthrie concert that a few indie rockers decided to revamp with melodica and xylophone, alongside guitar, mandolin and upright bass". In just their first year of existence, the band has already shared the stage with such national favorites as Langhorne Slim, Sunset Rubdown, Jessica Lea Mayfield, Paleface, Amanda Green, An Horse, Rachel Goodrich, and The Evangelicals.


Fish Oil

Written By: Wonky Tonk

Well I get up in the morning and I pour myself a glass of orange juice
I read the back of the carton and find out a little bit about Tropicana's heart healthy truth

fish oil and fish gelatin!

So you know, I've already drank half the glass and it's been a bad morning so I guess I will just

Drink up! Drink down! Drink up!

I go to the supermarket and I get myself an organic green tea
I read the back of the label and find out that high fructose corn syrup is affecting my braaaaaain

so sweetly
so discretely
and I think, even in green tea?!

Well you know, I've been sitting in the parking lot for a while and I'm pretty thirsty, maybe I will recycle the glass as a vase for some pretty flowers some day so I'll just

Drink up! Drink down! Drink Up!

Yea some kids drink milk that's chocolate, others drink uh strawberry..Sarah Palin says "It's a good source of calcium" but that red it don't come from no strawberry!


Drink up! Drink down! Drink Up!


Get on the Train.
Full Length; 12 Song Album
Release date: 10/31/08
Available on: Itunes, Rhapsody,
LaLa, Napster, Amazon

Super Holy Fantastic EP
Release Date: January 24, 2009.
Available on: Itunes, Rhapsody,
LaLa, Napster, Amazon

Stuff We Leave Behind
Fall 2013

Set List

The Wonky Tonk set is ever-evolving but usually runs about 30 minutes in length, 99% original material and 1% covers of Leonard Cohen, Cash, Young and Prine...Sometimes the repertoire consists of a few terrible corny jokes and rounds out with a rip raging ho-down Kentucky style!

Original Songs Include:

Ninjas of Camelot
BBS (Bugs Bunny Smoothie)
Citric Truth
Wagon Wheel
Bombay Buffet
Radio Down
Ride with me
Construction of Deconstruction
Nympho Scholars
Cool (2)
Fish Oil