Adopt-A-Classroom Song Contest: What teacher inspired you?

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Adopt-A-Classroom is seeking musicians to submit "Song of Gratitude" for a teacher that inspired them or teachers in general. The top three songwriters receive cash prizes of up to $2,500 and the top ten songs will be placed on a compilation album scheduled for Fall 2010. Proceeds from the album and submission fees will go to help teachers across America./n/nThis song contest is all about teachers. The Adopt-A-Classroom charity, an organization dedicated to supporting classroom teachers and ensuring all children have the resources to realize their fullest potential and dreams, is seeking "Song of Gratitude" for either a teacher that inspired you or for teachers in general. We've all had a teacher in our life that's inspired us. How often do they get recognized? How often do they get to hear appreciation and gratitude from their former students. Here's a chance to say thank you.

The judges will include the 75,000 teachers currently registered with the Adopt-A-Classroom program. Grand prize is $2,500, 2nd Place prize is $1,500, and 3rd Place prize is $1,000. The 3 winners and 7 runner-ups will be included in a compilation album that Adopt-A-Classroom will release to the public in Fall 2010.

Proceeds from the album and submission fees will go to help teachers across America who greatly need our support and appreciation. Adopt-A-Classroom is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting teachers and ensuring all have the opportunity to realize their fullest potential and dreams.

Please note: submitted songs will be considered a "work-for-hire" as that term is used in copyright law and the copyright of the submitted work will be assigned to Adopt-a-Classroom.

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