Marking its 12th year just a few weeks ago, Cincinnati’s MidPoint Music Festival has developed a reputation as the place to find the next big thing. Attendance has grown along with the buzz, jumping from 13,500 in 2008 to more than 27,000 in 2012. Helping create that buzz are these bands selected for this year's festival.

South of France

Los Angeles, California USA

If you’ve been daydreaming about summer like us...


Eric: Summer might be over, but turn on LA’s South of France and you’ll be running to the basement to dust off your beach chair in a heartbeat. Led by frontman Jeff Cormack and vocalist/keyboard player Kelly Lueke, South of France has been gaining some buzz on the festival circuit this fall. Along with Midpoint Music Festival, the band has also booked upcoming slots through Sonicbids at Filter’s Culture Collide Festival and the CMJ Music Marathon to name a few. If you’ve been daydreaming about summer like us, do yourself a favor and throw on South of France. You’ll be reaching for some sunscreen and an ice cold beer in no time.


Austin, Texas

Jeff:If you listen to Sphynx and don’t want to throw a big dance party then I’m afraid something may be wrong with you. Listening to Sphynx, seeing Sphynx live, even hanging out with Sphynx all leads down one road; the road to party. Their brand of electro pop creates such a fun area that it will permeate your soul. Check out their video for "Sha Dynasty". You’ll see what I mean.

Nick D' & the Believers

Columbus, Ohio

Nate: Some bands just make it their job to blow the socks off of their listeners. Nick D’ & the Believers is one of those bands. They make crunchy, fuzzy rock that will put anyone in the mood to jam out, plus they throw in elements of soul and even folk to make for an incredibly well balanced sound. These guys are a rock & roll force that cannot be stopped, so you better get on board and become a believer.

Plaid dragon

Springfield, Missouri

Anthony: Self-described lo-fi lullaby rockers Plaid Dragon utilize the perfect blend of acoustic and electronic guitars to form the sweeping melodies on their debut EP Dog Physics. Lead singer Inge Chiles provides charming airy vocals that round out the band’s heartwarming sound. With instrumentation ranging from ukulele to light synth the EP represents a vibrant range and homemade feel that is lost in today’s overly produced indie epics. The title track is the stand out, and lulls you into sweet surrender. Then with a crash it wakes you up to realize these guys are ones to watch!

You, You're Awesome

Cincinnati, Ohio

Drea:What's better than all of the samples you get when you go to BJ's? All of the samples you get when you crank up the volume to You, You're Awesome. Ohio natives Kevin and Yusef have cooked up a smorgasboard of delicious tracks. They're in the studio mixing and blending old films, children's recordings and funk, flawlessly. Their last album Good Point, Whoever Said That is Thanksgiving on demand. Did you want a slice of pop culture pie? Get it while it's hot.