A Plane Full Of Electronics Unlimited

A Plane Full Of Electronics Unlimited

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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"SayJak" along with bundles of producers of Electronic and Hip-hop music started out creating like to every other crew with a vision. SayJak's future-sight visions in comparison to like-minded musicians of his genres of choice wasn't your ordinary idealistic creation, but much rather innovative with his ideas. SayJak didn't want labels distorting his image so he decided to create "A Plane Full Of Electronics Unlimited". APFOE Unlimited embraces an experimental culture, drowning with original visionaries and composers of sample-based "outer body" melodic music in honor of the almighty cosmos. Recording artist "MonoPoleJoe" joined soon after the label first started, becoming the first featured vocalist for the Electronic influenced Hip-hop Beatmaking Collective. Tu'Shawn! joined the crew as an emcee for APFOE. APFOE's music background ranges from boom bap talents like the late J Dilla, Madlib, The Neptunes and Sunspot Jonz to popular electronic musicians like Tokimonsta, Boards Of Canada, and Flying Lotus.