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We are sad to say that Artistdata is no more :(

Thank you for all the support for the tool, which was aimed at making musicians' lives a bit easier.

If you are looking for a way to push your show information to multiple sites, some Sonicbids users have found BandsInTown Manager and Songkick Tourbox useful.

If you want to showcase your past and future gigs in a professional EPK for talent seekers to find, we humbly suggest the FREE Sonicbids EPK. Not only will you be seen by those already searching our platform, but also from people around the world searching for bands like yours online via search engines.

We’ve also launched a new embed widget, so you can add your calendar to your personal website by inserting a few lines of code.

If you want to be notified when Sonicbids adds other similar Artistdata functionality, please provide contact details below.

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