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Artists Compound

 Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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Lively, beach-themed nightspot with an outdoor dance space, multi genre, bands private events & upon request steamed crabs available. Malibu Beach bar sits on an inlet of the Chesapeake Bay right outside of Baltimore MD.

Includes a pool:
3 bars
Private Hotel for entertainers to use as a green room
Pool Tables
Full kitchen with massive steamers pots
Expansive Parking Lot
4 distinct areas
sandy beach
cabana style bar on the water

Malibu Beach Bar’s daily footprint has capacity for 1,200 individuals and with the addition of the parking lot the capacity expands to near 2,000

Booking: 3 bands per week


Artists Compound is an organization committed to artistic advocacy. Our mission is to champion artists of diverse art forms through collaboration and event planning with venues and communities. We strive to foster inspiration and the creative freedom of expression; innovation and imagination of artists with exposure, promotion, and education.We offer a hub of services to assist artists in becoming more self-reliant such as…· Educational Classes· Artists TEACHING Artists· Events/ Gallery /Showcases