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"To Infinity and Beyond"

Four St.Albert natives think they've found the formula for success in the music industry.
Matt Boisvert, derek Gannon, Dan Paiment and Ryan Foster make up the alternative rock quartet 0=1=Infinity, better known to their fans as 'The Equation'.
The group is currently in pre-production of their first full-length CD, due out January, and they hope their blend of eclectic music with politically charged lyrics will add up to a winner.
"We're not anti-organized religion or anti-government; we're pro-individual thought," said Gannon, the band's lead singer. "We'll have one song that's about eight different things, and each one of those things we're saying, 'This is the way it is,' because people who believe those things just refuse to believe anything other than that's the way it is. People believe in something for a reason, let's not deny them that reason."
the group got started a few years ago when Gannon and Boisvert, who grew up together in St.Albert and both participated in the St. Albert Children's Theatre, had a chance meeting after Boisvert moved back to Alberta from Winnipeg and got married.
"We went over there and had this big jam session and met his wife, everyone else just ended up passing out or chilling out, except me and Matt," Gannon said. "I was like, 'Matt, let me show you these tunes I've been working on'... and then Matt started playing some of his own stuff. We just kind of stayed up all night jamming.
"We were like, it's so good to see each other; let's get together again. We got together again, and by the second time, we decided we had to do something with the tunes we'd been working on."
At the time Boisvert was playing the guitar, but soon switched to bass after a sudden realization.
"We had a big family jam at the acreage, and we were all switching instruments-my family's like that; we're all musically inclined- so I said, 'Oh, I'll try the bass a bit," he said.
"Then we realized all the guitar lines Matt had written were better bass lines," Gannon added.
The group recruited Paiement, Boisvert's cousin, to play the drums and a guitarist who used to play with Dan. But that guitarist's father suffered a heart attack in Saskatoon, and when he went back to care for him, it became apparent to the rest of the band that he wasn't coming back.
That opened the door for Foster to join the group, a move the rest of the group said resulted in "magic."
"Foster was a songwriter even before he was a guitar player, so the creativity he has with the kind of sound we're doing, it was almost immediate," Gannon said. "We had a show in 13 days... I said, 'Can you learn all of our songs in 3 days?' and he said, 'Yes.' And so he did."

The mixture has produced a sound that draws from many influences but is distinctly their own.
"It sometimes sounds like classic rock, every once in a while you hear Pink Floyd," Boisvert said. "Then you hear Tool, then Radiohead, and then you hear Frank Zappa. Just all kinds of things."
Being involved in the Children's Theatre has given Boisvert and Gannon many tools that they have been able to apply to this band and to other aspects of their lives.
"Children's Theatre gives you training, gives you confidence, gives you family, gives you new ideas, but more than anything, St. Albert Chidren's Theatre is a leadership program," Boisvert said.
"You can always expect good things from people who came out of Children's Theatre, because they've been given the fundamental training of life to stand up and say, 'This is my idea. What do you think?'" he added.
The name for the band came from an episode of 'The X-Files' about numerology.
"They mentioned that all life in the universe could be boiled down to a simple equation," Boisvert said. "I was meditating on that and it came to me. All of a sudden. I saw it in my head: 0=1=Infinity."
As it appears on album art, the band's name includes the symbol for infinity, but has been tough to reproduce on the Internet or in print. Fans also found it a mouthful to say, so they came up with an elegant solution.
"People just started saying 'The Equation,' and we were like, 'we can live with that," Gannon said. "We'll never drop the 0=1=Infinity, because it's the root of the whole band."
The group has two EPs, 'Nosotros' and 'The Revolution Has Begun', which, despite being very limited runs-- the band produces their own discs, and only made a total 50 copies of 'Nosotros' to sell at shows-- proved pretty popular.
With only the two EPs out, though, the band has really built a reputation through its live show, which incorporates video projectors to give the audience a visual experience on top of the music.
"I always say to people, you have no idea what our band is until you see us live," Gannon said.
"The last show we played, we were kind of the sore thumb in this group of thrashy young punk bands... People were just thrashing around. And then we play, and people were just standing there, watching. One of the kids in the other bands, I had seen him before, he was just going nuts. He came up to me after the show and said, 'It was awesome, because I came here to rock out, but with you guys, I could just stand there and enjoy it.'
"The thing is, with our style of music, I want to give people the environment to go to the places our music can take you. Our music isn't the kind of music where you're going hard all the time... it's not only about the music; it's about the whole experience of seeing our band."
0=1=Infinity play their next show at Hazeldean Hall (9630-66 Ave., Edmonton). For more info on the band check out - Glenn Cook - Saint City News : August 22, 2008


The Revolution has Begun ep -
1. Speak; Then Die
2. As it's Made
*3. Massacre (on the EP plus edition)
Nosotros ep -
1. Fade away
2. As it's Made
3. '84
: streaming on myspace, canadamusic, supernova, bigrockuntapped, cjsr radio, Indie Radio L.A., RadioUgly
Currently in Pre-production of 1st Full-Length album. (Out January 16th, 2009)



0=1=Infinity is not just a band, but a movement, speaking the bare bones truth about society and its gradual transformation into a malfunctioning disease. Speaking out against such issues as the veriChip, information control, and the continual loss of privacy as we move towards the new world order, the band's ultimate goal is to encourage the populous to speak out, however detrimental their opinion may be to the beliefs of others. With such catch phrases as '84 is now' and 'the revolution has already begun', the band's momentum has already increased exponentially.

The band name comes from the theory that all life in the universe can be boiled down to a simple mathematical equation, so essentially 0=1=Infinity is the meaning of all life as viewed by the members. Interestingly enough, the name is simple to read and registers in the brain within milliseconds, however it is long winded to say aloud, causing fans of the band to dub them The Equation.

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