weTpussYalLstarS aka [TYLS]
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weTpussYalLstarS aka [TYLS]


Band EDM New Age


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Together with ‘Risk’:
- The Reborn – Steamhammer Records/ SPV
- Turpitude – Steamhammer Records/ SPV

‘weTpussYalLstarS aka [TYLS]’
- Intervention – patpong records
- Mindsweeper – patpong records
- Secrom Security – patpong records
- 6-7 Ausgang – patpong records (2008-07-18)



After releasing two productions with a Band called “Risk” as a guitarist, touring over Europe, playing in several alternative Bands as a bass player, wasting his time by working in the music-industry, be a managing executive of a committee of musicians, organize concerts, sets music to poems of Wilhelm Busch,
Christian Sumser started to work with several artists to developing ideas of audio-visual concepts and at least, free improvised music.
These improvised sounds, are surely created with instruments like drums, horns, stringed instruments etc, but by using extended techniques and electronics.

The project “weTpussYalLstarS aka [TYLS]” is a result of all these experience.

The sound of ‘weTpussYalLstarS aka [TYLS]’ depends on extended loops and based on the ideas of “AMM“ and “Derek Bailey” who developed the concept of free improvised music in the 1960´s. Whereas we’re not talking about loops in their usual sense; these loops have a length of min. 5 to 30min., some up to 50min. before they start again. A better description for these loops (sounds of voices, analogue drum-computers, stones, metal, fingers, buckets, flowerpots, to identify a few of the sources) would be ‘Sound-Streams’.
At a live-performance of ‘weTpussYalLstarS aka [TYLS]’, these streams, 8 or more at the same time, will be start coincidental and create an unique soundscape.
Even if you’re use the same streams together, the ‘communication’ between the frequencies will be always different and the result highly unique.
In order of no scheduled starts of the streams, the frequencies ‘communicate’ accidental.
Manipulating these soundscapes live, by randomly selected electronics, the effects of the ‘communication’ between the frequencies increase the unpredictability of the sound, too.
Basically the concept of ‘weTpussYalLstarS aka [TYLS]’ had defined as a theory: ‘Do frequencies interact, respectively communicate, among themselves? And how would it be sound?’.
Since ‘weTpussYalLstarS aka [TYLS]’ discover the potential and the possibilities of this form of creating soundscapes, the recordings of ‘Sound-Streams’ never stops.
In addition, ‘weTpussYalLstarS aka [TYLS]’ uses a guitar at live-performances, to create additional loops…..what else…
As the name of the project not assumed, ‘weTpussYalLstarS aka [TYLS]’ consist one member: Christian Sumser.
He's also one of the founder of the label 'patpong records S.R.L.’, established 10/ 2007 in Bucharest/ Romania.


The project-name 'weTpussYalLstarS' was inspired by the picture 'A Drenched Cat' of Jim McLagan.