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Ultra-verbal power pop...cabaret-fluenced rock. The spoken word meets the broken word, but not all pieces are spoken (Steph Anne Best is also a serious singer). Live performances beckon listeners to watch and watchers to listen (further).


0Dark30: a futuristic cabaret combo that specializes in original power pop melodies, glistening and gritty guitar sounds, and the sheer (although never transparent) impact of words that are spoken, sung, and sometimes broken. Oh yeah...we make films too. See one here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3182138827319882083.

Steph: language, the late '70s/early '80s, London, Canada, Marc Almond, film
Pat: New Mexico, opera, classical, George Jones, baseball

What sets us apart from other bands is that when you see us, you see people standing before you representing nothing other than music and the stories we feel we have to tell.

The story of Steph Anne Best's not-always-uphill journey thus far is told through the lyrics, which are always frank and forever bold.


"Graphic Demo" (LP-2007)
"Weeping Willow" (single-2009-from the forthcoming EP "No, no! Wait, wait!")
Misc. singles can be bought or heard here:
http://www.myspace.com/0dark30 or
http://www.myspace.com/stephannebest or

Set List

Typical set list:
Note: pieces without a description afterwards are songs (in the traditional sense)

"Fraction 35" - spoken word/musical hybrid
"From San Francisco"
"Step Exit" - rockin' the spoken word/dance genre
"I Hate You (But I Love to Wear Your Clothes"
"Sweetheart" - spoken word with the grittiest guitar
"Weeping Willow"
"Nina, Trashy New Wave Ballerina" - spoken word with hedonistic '80s guitar
"Cindy Monday"
"Family Tie"
"Karen Carpenter is Dead" - far and away Steph Anne's most popular spoken piece

We like to do sets that are 30 minutes long and contain 10 to 13 pieces (some of the spoken stuff is pretty short).

Typical covers: "The Seeker" (The Who), "The Rainy Season" (Howard Devoto)...various Magazine songs...songs that typically would not be sung by a woman.