Olathe, Kansas, USA

We are an electronic/pop group. We place a strong importance on catchy melodies, and energy. One thing that sets us apart, is that most of our music is composed and programmed on a modified gameboy, accompanied by synthesizers and vocals.


I have been making music over ten years. In 2009 I became interested in the "chiptunes" scene, which is where music is composed using vintage video game systems. I fell in love.

I busted open my old gameboy, bought the software, and started making tunes. However, I noticed there was not much of this music that incorporated vocals, and therefore was not appealing to the masses. So I started adding vocals and beginning to set up a system to play live.


zeromattzero 2008

Advent 2009

Nightmarer - Queens Club (0matt0 remix) 2009

Salt - The Sailor Sequence (0matt0 remix) 2010