10,000 Rupees

10,000 Rupees

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Highly infectious riffy energy, derailed lyrical possession, itinerant anti-folk for the masses. Maher writes songs about his numerous traveling experiences, a modern true to life troubadour with an anti-establishment, DIY, one for all ethos.

The live shows often peak on the astral plain.


Danny has been doing this for a long time. Writing songs, playing music, busting out beats and singing hard out. I mean, really singing man, that eyes closed, head on a swivel, howling at the moon shit that you would expect to see from some tranced out shaman in the rainforest!

For real? yeah, for real.... This is it, the main event, no one ever doubts it, from the moment he takes the stage, people know, deep down, this is real. This guy is not fucking around!

Musical performance is a lot like sex, that is...you get up on stage, and you simply must perform, it gets hot too under those lights man, and everyone is waiting for you to turn them on, and when they are turned on they want it all. They want to be satisfied, they want to be held to the wall by their hair and screwed! Really, don't laugh! The audience wants to be screwed until they forget about it all, they want true abstraction from themselves, and 10,000 Rupees delivers just that.

The tunes have been described as post-apocalyptic anti-folk,
Lyrically they entail such emotions as joy, frustration and anticipation, more specific topics include post 2012 anxiety, heartbreak and skype-sex, but always with a dark bluesy/grunge feel.

Danny started off in Dublin, but has gigged and wrote songs in Amsterdam, London, New York, Wellington, Auckland, Wroclaw an Fremantle. This guy actually never stops and this new batch of recordings are currently getting airplay on Australia's Triple J unearthed.

This "charismatic traveler" has been described as "a breath of fresh air". His presence during recent live shows being described as "incredibly hard to explain how he commanded the stage". I mean, he knows right? what people want? they want a good show, so give them what they want, put on the good show, you gotta own it, all of it, make it yours, close your eyes and spark the divine!


Currency e.p. (Coming soon, 2013)

Set List

Let go,
Rocky Rd,
Long Time,
Put on a show,
Lay down,