1000 Generations is simply addictive piano-driven rock born from a place of honest worship. 1000 Generations is passionate for writing honest, unguarded lyrics that cry out to God. visit www.1000generations.com for videos ,full bio and so much more.


Since the release of their debut album in 2003, 1000 Generations has been garnering quite a following. Worship Leader magazine called their debut “the best new worship album of the year,” while songs from their current major label release, Turn Off the Lesser Lights, continue to draw major accolades. “Fail Us Not,” the band’s first single, has become a Top 40 hit on radio, while their social justice anthem “How Big Small Can Be” was named the GMA Academy’s “Song of the Year.” Touring extensively, 1000 Generations is quickly developing a great reputation performing at colleges, churches, and various events around the country.

Above all, 1000 Generations is intent upon seeing people connect with God—whether followers of Christ who’ve believed for decades, or pilgrims experiencing worship for the first time. “We’re really passionate about people having an experience they can walk away with,” concludes Steven. “We believe that if someone has a real experience with God, that it will change their lives, and lead to a chain reaction where the lives of those around them are also changed.” This is the heartbeat of the band’s calling and name: 1000 Generations.


Turn Off the Lesser Lights CD (2009)

Loaded with addictive piano-driven pop born from a place of honest worship. Produced by Steven Potaczek and mixed by Grammy Award-Winning Engineers David Bianco (Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, The Elms) and Chad Evans, the band’s first nationally distributed project has already won several prestigious industry accolades through the Gospel Music Association and the John Lennon Songwriting Competition.

Tracks: Invocation, Fascinated, Fail Us Not, Not Of Our Hands, How Big Small Can Be, Bring Me Down, Collide, Do You Know This Man?, What Only You Can Do, Saints Of Our Redeemer, Mansions In Floodplains

To Those Who Cry CD (2006)

World-influenced pop sound often compared to that of Paul Simon, Michael W. Smith, and Peter Gabriel. ChristianityToday.com selected them as one of the top ten independent bands of 2004 stating that their music “has everything you could ever want in a worship album: original songwriting, a relatively unique sound, breathtaking musicianship, and a passion for encouraging others to walk closer with the Lord.”

Tracks: Only In Weakness, Not of Our Hands, Help Me Let Me Let Myself Be Loved, Prove Us Wrong, To Those Who Cry, You Make My Skeletons Dance, The Rest of the Way, Break My Own Heart, Your Love Never Fails, Full of Love

Prayers CD (2003)

Davin Seay, Worship Leader Magazine, writes,

”1000 generations has opened up worship’s expressive vocabulary. Throughout their very special album, ‘Prayers,’ they remain true to a singular vision, a way of speaking to and about God that is as liberating as it is exhilarating. From its resplendent cover art to its delicate aural accents, ‘Prayers’ is the best new album of the year.”

Tracks: He Is Yahweh, Eyes, Mystery, Do You Know This Man?, Obsessed, Save Me, Lily Of The Valley, All That You Are Still…, All These Wonders, Emmanuel