1000 Snakes

1000 Snakes

 Merrillville, Indiana, USA

Driving rock rhythms fronted by an acoustic guitar.


The early beginnings of the band started when Fred Rhoten and Ed Bittke were freshman in high school, where the two first became friends. Ed was the first to show an interest in music, taking up the bass. By their senior year, Fred had settled on playing the guitar after attempting to learn drums. The two played together in various bands and projects for the next several years. In 2004, Fred had a chance encounter with a drummer named James Bergstrom at a restaurant after Fred noticed James was wearing a Pearl drums t-shirt. Fred, Ed, and James played briefly together before going their separate ways about a year later.

In 2007, wanting to work on a personal musical project, Fred asked Ed and James if they would be interested in contributing bass and drums to a project album called "1000 Snakes". It didn't take long before the project became a band, and the band began working on an album of their own. From that project idea, 1000 Snakes was born.

Musically speaking, the band wanted to take a different approach. While all three come from a hard rock/heavy metal background, they decided to go in another direction. Instead of going back to the sound of a heavy, distorted guitar, an acoustic guitar would be the lead instrument, with bass and drums supplying a driving rhythm section. This idea has lead the band to a unique style, blending elements of classic rock, hard rock, and some heavy metal, as well as the depth of the acoustic guitar sound. It will be interesting to see where 1000 Snakes takes this experimental style.

The band completed it's first round of studio work in April of 2008 and recorded a 3 song EP. This was a goal the band set only 3 months prior to entering the studio.

What sets us apart is our approach to music, we have a solid rock sound fronted by an acoustic guitar. Driving bass rhythms to support that and drum support through proper attacks and driving rhythm as well.

Influences are: Ourselves through support, but bands are Ozzy Osbourne, Pantera, Metallica, God Smack...


In The Rain

Written By: Fred Rhoten

Oh no not this again, she only wants me for a friend.
I swore I'd love her till the end, but that was not enough.
She wanted friendship not my love.

She wouldn't take no more from me, I loved her so but she couldn't see.
The only one for her was me, but that was not enough.
She tore my heart out with a shrug, she tore my heart out with a shrug.

And all the time you called my name, cause you know I'd always be there.
Through your times of doubt and pain, you left me out here in the rain.

Left me out here in the rain...

Let Go

Written By: Fred Rhoten

You say you love me
but you don’t know why
You won’t try to leave
but it’s crossed your mind
If this is how you feel
then tell me why you stay
You don’t believe in me
this is why I say…to you

Why do you try to control what you can not explain?
Instead of letting go, you’d rather feel the pain
When you’re ready to know you’ll see that nothing has changed
Why do you try to control?

You have doubts in your mind
if our love is real
You’re always so confused
about the way you feel
If you would trust in me
leave your questions behind
I will ask you again
for the very last time…

I'm Blind

Written By: Fred Rhoten, James Bergstrom

I feel betrayed
I know that all you do is lie
Now I’m afraid the
truth was never on your side
the things you told me
I’m sure you said it all before
But now I know and yet I still come back for more.
Because I’m blind
I can’t see a thing inside you twisted mind
Because im blind
Don’t want to find the things you tried to hide
Because I’m blind
So now I stay
With you despite all your lies
Tied up in chains
I cant leave even though I try
You’ll never change
You said your sorry once before
I must be insane
Because I still come back for more
Now I’m blind because of you
You put my eyes out just like you wanted to
But can’t you see that I will never let you go
With a love for you you’ll never ever know
You’ll never know…


Completed 3 song EP at uptown recording studio in Chicago April 30th 2008. Special thanks to Rob for supporting us.

The album title is "Tear it Down" Track titles are "Let Go" "In The Rain" and "I'm Blind"

Streaming audio available on Jango Airplay and www.myspace.com/1000snakes
Music also available on I-Tunes for purchase.

Set List

Typical set list is 45-60 minutes of original music, however we have done covers. Bands we have covered are: Alice in Chains, Black Label Society, and Days of The New. We are an original band, so covers are usually not performed.

Some of our song titles are: "Let Go" In The Rain" "I'm Blind"