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100m Records is a boutique record label founded in 2004 around a close-knit scene of musicians and producers in North London, UK. Beyond London, the collective now has connections in New York, Stockholm and Zurich and the aim continues to be to release music from the core artists whilst providing a platform of opportunity to new and emerging artists.



In a vastly globalised and fractured music industry, where major labels have lost the monopoly and independent labels can thrive on a diversified market, 100m aims to provide music based around collaboration. There is no specified genre to the music that we release, only a strong commitment to originality and creativity. In essence, we like to explore new ground and we like to hear each other explore new ground.


100m013: Iamprimate - Reflection
100m012: Iamprimate - We
100m011: Various Artists - 100m NYC Compilation
100m010: Octave Mouret - A Small Shed At The Bottom Of The Ocean
100m009: Medes - Absence Of Opposition
100m008: tKatKa - Grief Hijackers
100m007: tKatKa - TerrorKnowledgeAction
100m006: Iamprimate - Acoustic Body Concept
100m005: Iamprimate - FX4
100m004: The Montauk Projekt - Receiver
100m003: Death By Sadie - Limited Edition
100m002: tKatKa - tKatKa
100m001: Various Artists - 100m001 Compilation