Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
BandFolkA Capella

100%Natural is a 4 to 5 piece acappela ensamble that also performs with music tracks and a 7 piece band when applicable,


100%Natural got together as a acapella group back in may of 1980..and have worked with and have opened for some of the hottest ole'skool acts from pop rock and soul bands all over the country..are major influences would be from The Temptations to the Late Frank Zappa to parliament /Funkadelic...one day after listning to a rehersal tape...one guy in the group said man that sure sounds pure and the other said yeah man that sounds Natural..thus the name 100%Natural was formed...we are avaliable for any type of performance wheither it be acapella or with music for ones entertainment value,


we have a cd called "Live and More..which contains original matereial and some covers..the present hit single is the tune entitiled "My Love Is Truly Truly For Real..which was recorded with jazz legend Peter White

Set List

a typical set list for us would mainly be covers from the early motown era..featuring The Temptations and The Four Tops,with our band and or music tracks..or our acapella set would consist of tunes from the 50's to the 70's..our sets can range from 45 to 65 minute sets each