100p Recording Co. & Production Group

100p Recording Co. & Production Group

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180 Proof Music.


100p consists of 9 main members. H. Alston, Verbal Stats, INDEF, Bleeze, Bang, Dew Flexx, Dutch, VII, & GFTE' (PM). We have been together since 1999 and have each on our own achieved great success Before the formation of the camp. We as artists believe in letting our music speak and not the other way around. We have performed in numerous arena's. Our last three performances have been in Killeen Texas at the Bell County Expo Center which seats 10,000. Also in Austin Texas at the Travis County Expo Center which seats and packed in 22,000 which also included performances by Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys along with Pitbull. We have also performed in Cleveland Ohio and have been sought after since. The 100p brothers are definitely no strangers to a stage. If the promoters do their job you will be more than satisfied with how the Gods get down!!


"So Deep": Feat. Mark D, H.Alston, Keith Murray

"Better Off Dead": The Fear movie soundtrack
Half pit- Half Dead: Video Also available

" Blow Up da Spot" : Mad Drauma, Odimo,
Erick Gaskin.

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Wil' If you Want
Freestyle INDEF & H. ALSTON
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