100 Proof featuring Haskel

100 Proof featuring Haskel

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We are unique with our music coming out with a different sound and variety of rap and reggae touch. We are the next stars of Miami


The group consists of four artists (Raw Gutta, Fleetwood, ROB and Haskel). All four live in the same neighborhood and enjoy making and writing lyrics together. We feel we have some advantage because of Haskel. He is our Jamaican artist and is always able to add some extra creativeness and thoughts to the group. In addition he has added much flavor in our current single "Beat It Up".

Raw Gutta born Warrell Wingo was born and raised in Miami, Florida in a community called “Goulds”. He started making music as a youngster. Growing up in a ruff neighborhood, making music was a way for him to stay focused, off the streets and out of trouble. He writes his music based on his own life events. He has a passion for music like any athlete has a passion for their sport. This is the game that he loves and wants his future in. Raw Gutta spends most of his time dedicated in the recording studio at Str8Up Records & Productions, Inc. He has performed in many shows across the Florida coastline. He is here to get the job done and make it happen. As he always says “Feel me, this ain’t just talk Gutta bout action”.

Fleetwood born Santonio Cullars was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia on April 14, 1977. Fleetwood had and eye for music since he was only 5 years old. He enjoys singing and rapping. He is inspired by artist like Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Isaac Hayes, 8 Ball/MJG, UGK, Outkast as well as Raphael Sadiq. Prior to joining Str8up Records, Fleetwood did music with JuBall Records a local production group with another artist by the name of Curt Curewsho. Fleetwood states moving to Str8Up Records has been his best move ever and he is in it for life. He has had the opportunity to perform in Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami, Albany/Augusta Georgia, South Carolina, Tallahassee, Tennessee and many other places. Fleetwood is current working on his solo album.

R.O.B born Robert Williams grew up in Perrine, Florida. As a young kid he was always into rapping when he was not in school. He has collaborated and written several songs on independent labels. ROB has mainly been an underground rapper making himself known to the mainstream audience. ROB was a part of the duo to become Southern Mafia in 2003. In 2004 he was the featured artist and songwriter on the compellation CD for “Comedy Explosion” produced by The First & Last Alliance. In 2005 ROB was in the “Up and Coming” section of The Grind Magazine (an urban magazine in Miami, Florida)

Haskel born Andrew Cashmere on December 25, 1971 in Jamaica. He was also known as DJ Pancho. He began as a DJ receiving his first introduction as a headlining act at the Grove Entertainment Center in Coconut Grove, Florida. He produced music at King Jimmy’s Studio within the same area and has since then produced, collaborated and written several songs within the reggae genre. In 1991 he recorded “Gunshot” on the Charmain label for Aquarius Records. In 1993 he recorded hit record “If you know yu a de wife” produced by Anthony Red Rose on the How You Say That label. He has done collaborations with Steely & Clevie the produce the song “Mi Affi Ask” as well as with Shaking Vibes on the Answer Rhythm label “Wine Up & Dance” He performed in the opening act for reggae artist DJ Cobra on his Birthday Bash tour which include cities such as Chicago, Miami and Connecticut. Also in the mid 90’s DJ Pancho recorded “Sexual Anthem” with Daddy Screw, Bigga Jay & Terro Fabulous on the Bobby Digital Label. This song reached #7 on the reggae charts in Miami. He was interviewed by “The Star” an entertainment newspaper in September of 2000. The article entitled “DJ Pancho is destined for Success” which demonstrated his ever constant presence in the music industry. In October 2000, Haskel was a featured artist on “The Business” reggae concert presented by the Monster Shack Crew at the Carter Lawn Bounty Hall. In September 2000 DJ Pancho did and opening act for John Wayne’s Birthday Bash at Byles Entertainment Centre in Kitstown, St. Catherine. He performed with featured acts Sizzla, Capelton, John Wayne and Bounty Killer. In June 2001 he was the featured artist at the crowning of the Southwest Dance Hall Queen 2001 presented by Boom Shottas and Imperial Studios in Miami, Florida. In 2002 DJ Pancho changed his stage name to what he is known as now “HASKEL”. His ambition is to once day start his own recording label “Damage Production”.


Beat it Up

Written By: 100 Proof featuring Haskel

Beat it up
Str8 Up Records

1st Verse (Raw)

She want ah G wit ah Strong back
Something long that
Can touch the g-spot and get her super hot
Ah pipe, hard as ah rock
So she can jump on top
Ride like a Kawasaki, & make the p-pop
Keep going don’t stop she be screaming out
I beat it up good, so me she be dreaming bout
N the cutlass, my crib or her momma house
On them leather guts n them satin sheets
Or on the couch I beat it up

2nd Verse (Rob)

Put your back into it … ride it baby
When we switch position I’m gone drive you crazy
After a minute I touch it it’s so seductive
Gone crazy screaming baby gone and buck it (beat it up)
Slipped off the bed fell on the floor,
Back on my feet then back in the bed getting it yo
Back on the block then back on the phone getting da doe
Back at da club then back at cha crib beatin it yo

3rd Verse (Fleetwood)

Uh uh come here
Don’t be running round the bed
You said ya wanted a big **
I pulled it out and now ya scared
They call me the Plummer ‘cause
The way I lay this pipe and un clog ya
Drain baby
I’ll you skeeting all night
Yeah ya ** good an tight
I’ ma have it loose to night
Beat cha right.
An satisfy ya appetite now go an tell ya girls
What this pipe be like, I’m Fleetwood da long stroker
I’ll break ya back, bed and sofa

4th Verse (Haskel)

Style and pattern to di max mi uuh samp,
Mi nuh joke when mi use mi flesh ox
From gal want it just give her plus tax
One slip from mi business and draw back mi slingshot
Mi protected
Put mi Willie inna sox one two three o’clock mi a perform pon di act
From mi give her mi lovin she jump and shout don’t stop
Mi hear she draw note like missy Elliot Ahhhhhh

Intro / brigde

What the girl’s dem want, what the girl’s dem need, all right
What the girls dem want, what the girls dem need, okay
What the girl’s dem want, what the girl’s dem need,
Straight up percent dem speed


Beat it up
Give her lovin hardcore, she nuh business
if her neighbor don’t hear her next door
Beat it up
Give her lovin to di max
Don’t even stop before dem girls reach dem climax
Beat it up
Long lovin inna di vain backway
She spell yah name and receive di pain
Beat it up
And make she request you again
Woman wa cum 7,8,9,10