100 Proof

100 Proof


100 Proof is a highly versitile group of musicians that have thousands of combined stage hours. Our shared love of music and very diverse backgrounds influence the fact that we can play almost any genre. We strive for professionalism but most of all to share our love of music with our fans.


The four band members have grown up together and played music since the age of 13. "We all come from musical backgrounds."
James was an "American Kid". He started traveling with this group at the age of 15. Jerry, Will, and John all were jamming with family members during the teen years learning so much about each member's instrument. All four guys have had a love and appreciation for music since childhood.
However in February 2002, 100 Proof was named. The band, like most, started in the garages. "We were playing covers by many of our influences including: David Allen Coe, Sublime, Stevie Rae Vaughn, Tool, Bob Marley, BB King, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and so may more."
Over the years, we have progressively come up with our own style of music. From Blues to Rock to Reggae, a person can feel and hear the influences in all of our originals. That's the thing that sets 100 Proof apart from most bands: the diversity in genres of music performed, written, and recorded.
Now, the word has gotten out. 100 Proof has fans all over Northwest Arkansas. The band plays 2-4 shows per week in this area including private parties and venues such as Ice House, DeJa Vu, Jerzees, Hog Heaven, RFM.....


We have released four demos to our fans this year. Each demo includes three original songs. There is a rock demo, a "Missing You" demo, a blues demo, and 3 Inches of Fury (our reggae/punk demo).

We work with our local radio station 104.9 the X doing interviews and morning shows. The have played radio edited versions of our originals.

Set List

Our set list ususally includes four sets each 45-50 minutes long. We prefer to play four hour shows. We do perform both cover songs and 100 Proof Originals from all genres of music.

Example Set List:

1. 40 Oz to Freedom...Sublime Cover
2. Back To You...100 Proof Original Blues
3. Blister In the Sun...Violent Femmes
4. Lie To Me...Johnny Long Cover
5. Get It On...100 Proof Original
6. Paul Revere...Beastie Boys Cover
7. Joker...Steve Miller Band Cover
8. Santeria...Sublime Cover
9. The Ride...David Allen Coe Cover
10. Missing You...100 Proof Original
11. Beverly Hills...Weezer Cover
12. Now She's Gone...100 Proof Original
13. Smoke 2 Joints...Sublime Cover
14. Covered In Red...100 Proof Original

1. Never Call Me...David Allen Coe Cover
2. Bad fish...Sublime Cover
3. Little Sister...100 Proof Original
4. Sky is Cryin...Stevie Rae Vaughn Cover
5. Don't Push/April 26, 1992...Sublime
6. Silent Stand...100 Proof Original Rock
7. Whip It Out...100 Proof Original