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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Distinguished Gentlemen (album), as well as various mix cds



DeToX Jone$

Coming straight out of Southside Jamaica, Queens, the highly charismatic rap artist, Detox, is a straight grinder, and an ambitious man with a plan, inspired by rappers before him such as the Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, DMX, and Snoop Dogg. "Just coming up in the hood, and watching these dudes on T.V. and seeing how ill they did it, made me wanna do it, you feel me"says Detox. His process and songwriting ability is unmatched, and hard to pin down. He grew up knowing he would get his chance at success, despite the hard times he experienced coming up in his neck of the woods. He has managed to stay focused through many distractions planted in his path. Many promises have been made to him, but the ones making the promises lacked the persistence he had, so the promises were often unmet. It didn't phase him though, all it made him realize was that he had to take matters into his own hands. With that in an eggshell, he formed his own studio, called the "Green Money Room Studios." From there, laying down a slew of over a hundred tracks with his 100 $tackz/RSN/Rapstarr/ squadron, it was now ready to hit the ground running. With his laid back, shit-talking, fresh-to-live, so-cool demeanor and a melodic lover boy tone, he is sure to catch the ears of most, if not all, hip-hop/rap fans across the world.

Dizzy $padez

Born in East New York, Raised in N.Carolina in a20small town called Marshville, Dizzy was blessed with the talent to please a crowd. After the death of his Father he realize music was his only escape to express his pain and anger. Known as a class clown or the prankster of the group thus earning the name Dizzy, $padez would come later, when he started a small time hustle playing games taking peoples money. He started performing at the tender age of 6, destined to be in the spotlight looking up to comic book heros, hood movies and harse hood reality. He studied acting and developed the gift to put words to music. With this new found talent and the world on his shoulders, it was time to put them to good use. "DeToX ",who is his cousin, introduced him to bars and hooks. "Like I see myself as a good raw punchline artist nobody's going hard with their punchlines no more, im here tryna bring that type of music back."he explains. Looking up to his already talented cousin they decided to form their own group,100 $tackz ,"We decided with all this great music cookin in the pot why not plus we family blood thicker tan water ya digg we here 2 change the game forever yall don't have a clue whats about 2 happen" says Dizzy.With his country flow he is cocky, witty and confident to change the rap game forever.