100 Yorktown

100 Yorktown

 Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA


With a polite nod to modern rock heroes past and present while in the midst of carving out their own place among them, 100 Yorktown is bringing it. Armed to the teeth with their metalesque-alternative-pop laden songs, the Chapel Hill, NC based band has been steadily building an impressive following making audiences stand up and knocking them down wherever they go in addition to securing opening spots with several major artists. Frontman Jordan Edwards’ impassioned and powerful voice is right at home with the brilliant duel guitar attack by rhythm guitarist James McHale and lead axeman Christian Smith. Add the solid low-end rumble of bassist of Rajesh Bangdiwala and the deft drumming of Ben McDonald and you have something truly special. Their songs are catchy and lighter worthy (yes, really!).
With a new release, Shades Of Red, hitting the streets in the late summer of 2011, 100 Yorktown will be taking their music to more fans than ever. Shades Of Red will feature one of the bands’ finest moments yet, the song Breakneck. The single epitomizes the essence of 100 Yorktown’s’ sound with verses that draw you in , a chorus that makes you feel, and a groove that cannot be denied. Are you ready?


Shades of Red - August 2011 (LP)
Rocking You Harder and Longer - 2009 (EP)

Set List

set list runs from 30 minutes to an hour long. we rarely play any covers, but can learn them if requested.