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Girls Fight Back!

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
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The best kept secret in music


"Student Review - Jaclyn"

Having Girls Fight Back in front of the sorority chapters at Michigan State University was both entertaining and beneficial. Often we bring in speakers who do not relate to their target audience, making it difficult for the women to relate to. She presented the material bringing humor and real world application that appeased to the young women in our community. We would definitely recommend GFB to any other organization seeking an inflectional speaker. - Michigan State University

"Student Review - Tiffany"

The Girls Fight Back program was a very inspiring and empowering experience. She presented in such a comedic way that had me laughing the whole time. GFB makes self-defense fun and personal! - Southern Illinois University

"Staff Review - Staci"

GFB never ceases to amaze me w/how it connects to the student population, especially those who are first-year students! Every time I see the presentation, she's added something new and it reinvents the experience! She presents a serious concern on college campuses in a way that students feel educated and supported, not attacked or revictimized! - San Jose State

"Student Review - Sarah"

Thank you so much for your wonderful, empowering performance with Ithaca College last evening. The ICF and
SAFER executive boards truly enjoyed your presentation, and with a turnout that was pretty large for such a small campus (we count ourselves lucky if 20 people show up!) We were all effective in giving young women and men on campus yet another tool for their toolbox in the fight against violence against women. The speaker was wonderfully attentive to our campus state of affairs and past problems with sexual assault, and I personally can't tell you how much it meant to me to have her state our belief that prevention comes before action again and again throughout the presentation. It was so satisfying to hear such continuity between our speakers' message and our own actions. We received GREAT feedback from students and staff about the program. Thanks again for all your help! - Ithaca College

"Staff Review - Dana"

I know our sorority women weren't really looking forward to this presentation because they thought it would be another boring speaker. They get tired of speakers who are dry or preachy. But they LOVED Girls Fight Back! They all went back to their rooms and practiced their 3 steps of self-defense. More than anything else, she got them THINKING about how they can take better care of themselves, on Spring Break and any other time. - Presbyterian College

"Student Review - Jesse"

The entire program was wonderful! The presentation was fun, interesting, informative, and beneficial! Her presentation was fantastic and the audience loved it. I feel that the program is absolutely perfect, with very little need for improvement. I think it is a great message for women, empowerment, and women need to know how to defend themselves. The presentation facilitated all of these needs, at times it was a very sad and sobering presentation and at other times extremely fun and humorous. I feel that this presentation is absolutely perfect. It is perfectly timed, well planned out and executed. She really connects with her audience through personal stories, friendly banter, and humorous asides. Girls Fight Back blew our minds! Life changing event. - Virginia Tech

"Anonymous Rape Survivor"

I am a survivor of both acquaintance rape, and acute domestic (physical and emotional) violence. As a woman and a survivor, I just wanted to take the time to commend Erin on the power, strength and compassion that she puts forth helping young women develop the skills and self confidence necessary to prevent such acts of unnecessary violence from occurring again. To Erin, there should be a million more of you. - New Jersey

"Staff Review - Toni"

The feedback I received from students was very positive and they appreciated her sense of humor! Girls Fight Back provided practical advice regarding safety precautions women can take to prevent an assault and I was pleased that she discussed the fact that alcohol or other drug use increases a woman's chance of victimization! I would definitely recommend this program to other campuses. - Nazareth College

"Student Review - Sarah"

First off, the program that you put on for the BACCHUS General Assembly was incredible. Even though we are the "infallible" people who are out in our school communities trying to educate others about making smart decisions and being prepared etc., I could tell by the looks on many faces that you touched a little something personal in all of us and we were all able to connect with your message. Whether it be through an interesting spring break experience, a bad decision on any level, or perhaps being victimized at some point in their lives. Girls Fight Back - keep doing what you're doing. Don't ever stop! - Rhodes College

"Student Review - Adrienne"

I would like to thank you so much for coming to The University of Toledo! The program you put on was amazing. Not only did you begin to teach us how to fight, but also that everyone is beautiful, and we should all love ourselves, respect ourselves and stick up for ourselves! Thanks again Girls Fight Back! - University of Toledo


DVD (c) 2008 - Girls Fight Back: Live from Denver!

BOOK (c) 2006, 2007, 2011 - Girls Fight Back! The College Girl's Guide to Protecting Herself




Erin Weed is a professional speaker, author, certified self-defense instructor and Founder/CEO of Girls Fight Back! Her calling to the field of violence prevention and self-defense began in 2001 as a direct response to the murder of her friend and sorority sister, Shannon McNamara at Eastern Illinois University. After Shannons death, Erin abandoned her career in TV production to study with the best anti-violence activists, personal safety specialists and self-defense experts in the world. Shortly thereafter, she began traveling the nation giving keynotes and seminars at high schools, colleges & corporations. Erin is the author of "Girls Fight Back! The College Girl's Guide to Protecting Herself."


All shows are performed by our highly trained speakers: Heather and Megan. They are based regionally across the USA. The speakers are young college graduates and have a hip and savvy approach to staying safe on campus. To date, our events have been presented on nearly 500 college campuses nationwide. Speakers have received intensive personal safety, risk reduction, victim sensitivity and self-defense training.


Our presentations address the following topics in a very empowering and entertaining way: Statistics of campus violence, realities of campus crime, how to trust intuition, risk reduction strategies, home security, street safety, campus security, acquaintance rape, drinking/drugs (party safe tips), internet safety, self-defense while standing up, ground fighting, improvised weapons students have in their backpacks, spring break safety, helping friends in the aftermath of violence.


Our presentations are tailored to the audience who will be viewing the event and the time of year which they occur:

*Girls Fight Back! (women only)
*Students Fight Back! (all men & women)
*Fight Back on Spring Break (both men & women)


Girls Fight Back has been featured in media including: New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Marie Claire, Glamour, Ladies Home Journal and CosmoGirl magazine. Televesion features include CNN, Fox News, the CBS Early Show, the John Walsh Show and Weekend Today on NBC.


Audiences who have sponsored Fight Back presentations: include: Student Activities, Peer Educators, Women's Centers and Greek organizations.


Our speakers have attended, showcased or exhibited at the following conferences since 2002:
-BACCHUS General Assembly
-WRGA (Western Regional Greek Assocaition)
-SEPC (Southeast Panhellenic Conference)
-MGCA (Mid American Greek Council Association)
-NGLA (Northeast Greek Leadership Association)
-Alpha Phi International Convention
-Fraternity Communications Association