Tokyo, Tōkyō, JPN

Female cool vocal & loud noise. It makes us recall a mysterious and desolate scenery. 101A has a superior originality and these days they are recognised as one of the most important band of Tokyo music sense. Their vivid performance begins to attract attention from not only JP but the world.


They were influenced by 90's British shoegazer rock and American grunge rock. But now, in their sound there is perfect originality. Beautiful and emotional.
They started England tour from 2005. And since 2006, they started to work with Higashi Music and tour many country in Europe. In 2006, they played in Fuji Rock Festival. In 2007, they performed for Korean music TV program EBS SPACE.


apososis [mini album]6 tracks
01[mini album]7 tracks
one day [album]10 tracks
lethe [album]10 tracks
unknown [not-album] 6 tracks

white film [live performance DVD]
film 5 [video art DVD]

Set List


There are about 40 songs to play.