we are a rock/soul sound with hints of Morrison, Hendrix and the soul of Bill Withers.


"10-20" formed April of 2008. Members range from different backgrounds. from Punk rock, Funk, Rock and Alternative music. Our influences range from "Sound Garden" to "Freddy King". What sets us apart?
We are an original sound that is not and has not yet been tapped into from the ever abundant Seattle music scene. Winning fans from all walks of the musical spectrum.
Plain and simple... WE ROCK!
musical bliss with high energy stage antics.


we are currentl working on releasing/uploading material.

Set List

our set list contains a few high energy ballad type rock songs, while most of set is a variance of original mixtures of soul,rock and punk.
song list: (original material)
1) Escalator 2) Do me wrong 3) Evelyn 4) Lay your hammer down 5) Hey kid 6) King station 7) Hope 8) Pulling away 9) Rolling thunder 10) Spy 11) The situation.
Our sets consist of Three 30 minute sets/ Two 45 minute sets or One hour and a half set
Cover songs range from, Blues to punk rock