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10 Paces, Fire

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States | INDIE

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States | INDIE
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10 Paces, Fire @ BBC Upper Level

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

10 Paces, Fire @ Finney's Lounge

Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA

Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA

10 Paces, Fire @ River Music Experience

Davenport, Iowa, USA

Davenport, Iowa, USA

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‘Lakes Refract & Lakes Reflect’ second album released December 2011 from 10 Paces, Fire. A math/progressive/indie rock band from Milwaukee, WI . Well I really didn’t know what to expect. I am a fan of the ‘math rock’ genre, although people have different interpretations to what bands are directly defined at ‘Math’…so I gave this album a listen with an open mind.

The album kick starts with ‘Senza Nome’, it’s a nice and attractive introduction. Then as if by magic track two comes into play – the transitions from track one to two are slick and refined. Gorgeous.

Second track, ‘Party Hats At 2 O’clock’, lyrics? (totally not what I expected, I was hoping for an instrumental band, but nevertheless, I was greatly surprised) The vocals aren’t as strong as the instruments, however I like the lyrics and the natural American accent that creeps through sends me weak at the knees.

Third track, ’62', again the instruments are a lot stronger than the vocals but it works, Andy Wambach’s lyrics are a delight. The riffs are gentle and charming and give us a beautifully produced crisp sound.

For the math rockers out there, the sixth track ‘Wahl & Boates’ is the one to listen to, the guitars are exposed in this track and given a chance to shine. It’s pretty, not too heavy but not to light. The vocals are strongest in this track. For me, my favourite track of the release. These guys have talent it’s clear.

‘Lake Refract & Lakes Reflect’: ‘Tortuganónima’ mixed with the beauty of This Town Needs Guns. - Popdodger

It's hard to find music that stays true to its roots, appeals to a wide audience, and contains a sort of depth that makes it truly relevant, while still remaining accessible to each and every person that takes an interest. 10 Paces, Fire has come up with some kind of black magic voodoo formula that satiates all of these requirements, and still surpasses expectations with clearly-burning brilliance and passion that makes it serious, light-hearted, and "underground" enough for snobbish hipsters. Lakes Refract & Lakes Reflect is a beautifully complex album in many ways, yet is completely down to earth at the same time. With tastes of everything from Moonlit Sailor to Manchester Orchestra to Minus The Bear, the album is emotional, exciting, deep, exhilarating, calming, creative, and most importantly, fun.

"62" opens with a technical rhythm in three on the drums, then quickly switches to alternating times of two over three and true three, yet the rhythm is only the point that provokes the head-bobbing: the real body of the song is the guitars and emo, poetic lyrics Andy Wambach sings out in an appealing, alt-rock style timber, "Maybe if I could speak English you would / understand me: I already do / it's just not the kind we'd like to", and other such slant rhymes meld into one another, a personal meaning behind them - but no matter if you didn't really pay attention to the specific lyrics this listen through, the color Wambach uses in his voice helps to color the twangy distortion of the guitars plucking arpeggios in the background without a care in the world. What really helps make the song is the rough-cut power behind the shout vocals, around three minutes in. It really helps bring the case of the 90's emo and aggressive post-rock / math-rock influences and roots it deep into the music, and with the passionate chords vamping on the guitars, everything falls into place and feels absolutely right, as the song ends by striking a final, minor chord that just couldn't sound any better.

"Wahl & Boates" really brings on a progressive post-rock sound with the intro guitar, sounding at first, a lot like a song pulled off of God Is an Astronaut's A Moment of Stillness, and then mixed intertwining with Moonlit Sailor's Colors In Stereo. The interesting part, though, is after Wambach starts to sing, "Sit at the wall / to watch the tide roll / and carry my hopes and dreams", it begins to carry a little more like the early, emotion-fronted sound that Moving Mountains' Pneuma had with it, which is a really fantastic sound to end this release on. It carries a complex, atmospheric vibe only echoed by the lyrics earlier established that the shout chorus begins to echo near the end of the song. The song creates this prospective desire for escape, to get away, to dream, and the latitude of sound layering the song contains is a literal example of the inventiveness and the heart that was laid into this song, and the entire release.

For six songs on a record, 10 Paces, Fire really covers as much of the genre of rock that they cared to, which was honestly more than I thought was capable to do in a full, 9 - 12 song release, much less in six. It took me by surprise, too, at how much I liked it and was able to get into it. I'm not usually an alternative rock person, but there were so many qualities of alt rock that were well utilized in the release that it blew me away. There really is a lot to love in this album, and in no small part on the band's behalf. A lot of heart is portrayed on the CD because a lot of heart went into it, and it's more than visible in each of these tracks. For a sophomore release, or for any release, for that matter, this album strikes home in every single way, and it is more than worth your time.
- Muzik Dizcovery

10 Paces, Fire is a local band made up by young, Milwaukee-bred musicians Jon Taglienti (Bass), Andy Wambach (lead vocals, guitar), Todd Johnson (lead guitar) and Jeremy Treuden (drums). Already on their 4th EP release in three years, this band fills a niche in Milwaukee’s music scene that is a bit more “underground” if you will, emotional hardcore. In fact, they could be categorized into many different genres as was apparent after I listened to their latest release, “Lakes Refract & Lakes Reflect”. This is my first time writing about a band that I have not yet seen live so this was a chance for me to challenge my music-journalism knowledge…

While 10 Paces, Fire at first listen is easy to peg as emo due to Wambach’s striking vocal similarity to such frontmen as Patrick Stump (Fallout Boy) and Chris Conley (Saves the Day), their style merges with more experimental post/math-rock, the diversity displayed well on “Lakes Refract & Lakes Reflect”. The EP was released in December 2011 and while there are times that you can hear the production quality could be a bit better, it’s enjoyable nonetheless & those little nuances remind us that this is local, independent music.

My personal favorite off the release, “62”, is a jam that displays Wambach’s vocals the best in my opinion. A little early Fallout Boy, a bit Jimmy Eat World, combined with an experimental edge reminiscent of Moonlit Sailor, it’s the most “pop” of the EP, while still maintaining that indie vibe so that you don’t feel guilty for enjoying it. The snarky, angsty lyrics are sometimes screamed but Wambach’s voice can handle it, never sounding strained, holding just the right amount of emotion.

“Wahl & Boates” starts off sort of dreamy but about a minute & 30 seconds in, the drums come in strong, transitioning into the trippy guitar melodies that occupy most of the song. Like most of the release, this song jumps to different moods & tempos several times and keeps you interested.

This progressive style is also evidenced on “You Used to Be Mel Clark”, a song with reflective lyrics, focused on better times past. The vocals capture the nostalgia behind the words, however almost the entire last two minutes of the song strips them away to reveal the instruments and the talent of the band members playing them. It almost feels as though that whole section is abstract & absent-minded, allowing the listener to make up a story behind the song and get lost in the music.

All in all, “Lakes Refract & Lakes Reflect” is worth picking up so check out 10pacesfire.bandcamp.com to download this and any of their other releases. I’m personally looking forward to seeing 10 Paces, Fire play live in the very near future and as always stay tuned to localplaylist.com for any upcoming show dates! - Local Playlist

I thoroughly enjoyed 10 Paces, Fire’s four-song EP Stop-Motion Recollections. The very first song; titled “You Keep a Horse in the Basement?” is a track that is either purposefully or coincidentally a quote from the 1989 movie The Burbs. Its dulcet sound had the ability to slow things down and cause one to “reminisce” about home lives and the memories that we hold dearest to ourselves. The beginning 30 seconds loop continuously as the song builds up between verses and then breaks back down less and less every time a verse is sung. And for those of you who enjoy group chants, there is a relatable refrain about getting home that then goes smoothly into a dance-y bridge, and finally quiets down with one last chorus.

“How’s That for Being Born Under a Bad Sign” is probably the most pop-influenced of the EP - introduced by groovy drums, and keeping your attention with the catchiest chorus from all 4 songs. The lyrics of this song are relatable; singing of being stuck between “dreams and reality,” a difficulty that many find themselves to be caught beneath. This song also includes percussion instruments that are not too common in songs of their genre, which I found refreshing.

The third song (another movie quote; this one being from Revenge of the Nerds) is “We’re Nothing but the Nerds They Say We Are.” It begins with a Modest Mouse-esque riff: guitars soothingly starting you off until the verse snaps in with drum and bass technicalities galore. Lyrically, it is similar to the other songs: the attitude of being distant or separated from the world (“flying kites in space”), and ocean references.

The final song, “Enough About Betty Spaghetti Already,” is one of my favorites on Stop-Motion Recollections. It begins with acoustic guitar until, once again, the verse begins; which is where the whole band jumps in. The lyrics are quite obviously christian-based: “and we’re all still looking to the clouds for someone to save us now.” The dance-y bridge of this song is not at all one you would expect by listening to the beginning. Structurally, the song is the same as the previous three; with group chants, build ups, break downs, more build ups, and the final break down.

Other than the fact that every song had the same parts (start in slow with one instrument, jump full speed ahead with a verse, a little slower for the chorus, a bridge, and ending the same way they began), and that the lyrics were a little train-of-thought-like with meanings that were difficult to pick out at times, 10 Paces, Fire did a great job at producing an progressive-rock sounding EP.

Stop-Motion Recollections had an overall sound that was similar to that of Minus the Bear, and a slowed-down version of Maps & Atlases. They deserve recognition for not sticking to normal instrument sounds as well. 10 Paces, Fire uses an assortment of unique percussion instruments, sounds, and guitar effects to set each song’s mood to fit the lyrics poetically written. - AbsolutePunk

"10 Paces, Fire is a band folks in the Midwest should keep tabs on." - Reviewsic


Lake Refract & Lakes Reflect - E.P. (2011)
Stop-Motion Recollections - E.P. (2010)
Just Bad Dreams - L.P. (2009)
Self-Titled - E.P. (2008)



10 Paces, Fire is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin band that has been rooted in the importance of camaraderie. This group of musicians has based its foundation on working and creating as a unit. What's more, they have taken extremely varied musical influences to coalesce them into a new, re-invigorating brand of Emo-influenced indie rock. Up-and-coming bands like Look Mexico and Native as well as established acts like Minus the Bear, Anathallo, and Foals have all played a role in crafting the style that 10 Paces, Fire has adapted. The band has been able to interweave these sounds into a rousing creation.

In the Spring of 2012, the band released their latest e.p. "Lakes Refract & Lakes Reflect" on Lower Peninsula Records out of Lansing, MI.