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Innate Rock Senses Revived By... 10 Reasons To Live

Thanks to my Rock-music-obsessed dad I've recently received very detailed information for the reason why, according to him, I'm so much into classic rock and hard guitar sounds. Apparently, my parents went to a concert by German rockband 'Silly & Tamara Danz', which probably contributed to me being born too early and my shortness in size. Very explanatory.

However, for all those of you who haven't had the pleasure to be rocked by Eastern German Rock beats in your mum's belly, but have had similar experiences, or simply like Classic Rock - not necessarily for the guitar elements-, you should get down to Korova this Saturday and watch

10 Reasons To Live

About seven years ago 10 Reasons To Live jumped on the bandwagon for an epic journey, whether it was touring the U.S. or playing a charity concert in front of 20,000 people in Mosambik. With BBC radio legend Billy Butler's words, through 'having the highs and lows' 10 Reasons to Live have matured and entirely left behind their former boyband image to write 'quality stuff', which raised Westlife's. Unfortunately, our Irish Pop Princess Sparkles weren't lucky enough to grab any of the quality material.

Coming back to their phenomenal sound. 10 Reasons To Live have opened a new chapter, particularly with frontman Ste McNally's joining in 2009. McNally, who's been in business for more than ten years, lives up to any expectations one could possibly have about a vocalist. In McNally's case it's, right to refer to the not very original, but still true phrase: 'Experience does matter.' In the beautifully string-accompanied song 'Breathe' ('In These Times' EP), McNally truly manages to connect with the audience via tender, thoroughly chosen dynamics outshined by his wide vocal range, without him sliding into the unnecessary cheesiness and sumptuous garnishments we usually get in ballades.

If 'Breathe' reminds you of the great days of Rock, wait until you have listened to 'Come Alive', a song destined for musical rockery. Rather classic? Yes. Like anything we've heard before? No. Irritations might come up with the title and its analogy to Bon Jovi's 2000er hit 'It's My Life', but that's about it. Fullstop. If I were in mum's belly again, 'Come Alive' would probably induce labour more than two weeks before the expected date. Being edgy is key! Rough, pinching guitar sounds accompanied by cut-throat bass lines that collaborate in sonor unity with Craig Smith's precise, yet forward-pressing drumbeats that break with the traditional concept of Classic Rock.

I am very much looking forward to seeing these guys perform live. Not only do I hope to have my innate Rock senses revived, but, first and foremost, to be given this 'and all to quickly it's over again'-feeling. - Live in the Limelight

10 Reasons To Live won’t mind me saying that they are a great band. They may mind me questioning why they are so popular. Hordes of women (and men), are teased into adoring and sleazing over this, one of the cities current top live bands. Man, it’s almost the Bay City Rollers again! There aren’t many better looking rock bands. Put Robbie Williams, Donny Tourette and David Beckham in a band together and you are on the way to visualizing this band. As you can imagine, it’s a very good stage show. (When the Cavern Club celebrated their 50 years they invited 10 Reasons… to headline.) There is no bigger band that you may not have seen or even heard of. It won’t be that way for long.
- Glasswerk

10 Reasons to Live got themselves together the old-fashioned way... All of them are childhood friends with a shared passion for music. They play loud and proud! It’s a theme that infuses their personal style as you can hear the old-school American stadium rock influence running through their fresh, up-to-date modern rock/pop sound.

Although Liverpool-based, 10 Reasons to Live are no strangers to the world of international success as their accomplishments to date range from a charity tour of Mozambique in 2003, having their songs featured on big budget soundtracks such as Disney’s ‘Power Rangers’ and the American TV movie ‘Zenon 3’ to a full-on nationwide stadium support slot with Bryan Adams in 2006, the interest garnered from which led to the crashing of the band’s personal website as over 13000 hits in a week were registered by people wanting to hear more.

So keep any eye out for them... They have already been No. 3 in the download charts! Do not forget to go and see them play live...! - Southport Reporter

THE debut single from Liverpool's 10 Reasons To Live is a searing commentary on society's vapid obsession with looks and skin-deep beauty, taking barbed satirical swipes at a cynical print and screen media which offers style and glamour over substance and thought as a role model for impressionable young women.

Not really. It's actually a big, dumb, cheesy rock do about how brilliant the lovely laydees are that would be more at home in the eighties with an accompanying video where Tawny Kitaen romps in her nightie on the bonnet of a car.

Not that there's anything wrong with this - some of my very best friends are Def Leppard albums - but David Wilcox's cod-American delivery of lines like "I said you all look pretty fine to me" and "An' she's got a ticket to ride…" is enough to grate cheese and listener's brains alike.

There's promise here in the catchy pop-rock guitar riffing and head-bobbing rhythm section which has already earned them high-profile stadium support slots with Bryan Adams; but this single presents them too much in The Darkness mould of tongue-in-cheek pastichery and I have a strong feeling that it doesn't do their abilities justice. - City Life

Eighties rock meet Noughties pop and live happily ever after – that is how we would describe the distinctive debut from Liverpool band ’10 Reasons to Live’. Slightly reminiscent in our opinion of Van Halen but bang up to date and far slicker, the sound is vibrant and pretty addictive. Being one of a kind, will hopefully ensure many more reasons to live until the band truly do rule the world. - From Bump To Grump

30 days to go until Pretty Girls is released and only 19 days to go until Ten Reasons To Live play Rios!

The newly refurbished (ish) venue in the city centre plays hosts the fabulous rock-tastic pop extravaganza that is Ten Reasons To Live on July 25th. Fathers lock up your daughters, they are coming to take them away. Too pretty for their own good Ten Reasons... embark on a UK and Glasswerk.co.uk is promoting some of these shows on the colossal UK tour. (dates below)

On July 25th Ten Reasons To Live roll into Leeds with a convoy of Brylcreem, winklepickers and more guitars than The Edge.

the Liverpool band prove it doesn't get any more Rock N Roll than this! - Glasswerk

a Liverpool band – and they are the closest I’ve heard to that really solid, classy writing and production that the Americans do so well. Great live, also I believe. I’m really pleased with how my arrangements worked with 2 tracks they sent; strings were a last minute addition to the album. - Real Strings

10 reasons to see this band

Published on Fri Mar 14 12:11:25 GMT 2008

ONE of Liverpool's top bands will make a city appearance tonight at The Met Lounge.

ONE of Liverpool's top bands will make a city appearance tonight at The Met Lounge.10 Reasons To Live are a five-piece melodic rock band that are the first group of musicians to be offered a residency at the legendary Cavern Club since a fellow Liverpool group called The Beatles were given the same opportunity in the '60s.

Formed in the time-honoured tradition of classmates getting together to make music, the band has continued to grow in stature, and they have just completed their eponymous debut album, the lead single from which reached an entirely new audience for 10 Reasons . . .

Tickets for the show, which starts at 8.30pm tonight at The Met, are available on 01733 571616 or online at www.

ticketweb.co.uk, priced 6. - Peterborough Today


Still working on that hot first release.



You’d be forgiven if on first listen you pegged 10 Reasons to Live as one of those funky American pop-rock bands ala Lifehouse or Goo Goo Dolls, the type who hark back to the halcyon days of Big Hair and Bon Jovi, the type who are bound to have a tortured-looking blond lead singer who spent hours getting his hair to look like it only took two minutes this morning and who rakes in the readies when his songs get chosen to be on the Smallville soundtrack.

Well, maybe one day Smallville will come calling or Dawson will end up back in the Creek and place the call that will keep the Benjamins rolling in for years (and boxsets) to come, but until then, this Liverpool five piece will keep you guessing with their slick mix of pop-rock tunes, excellent musicianship and a professionalism that will have you begging to ask the question: Why aren’t you more famous?

To be fair, that was once the case for lead singer Ste McNally. Better known as one third of early ‘noughties’ chart success story BBMak, Ste enjoyed the proverbial life of an international rockstar for a number of years, before heading back down to earth and interspersing The Day Job with his first love, performing.

Ste was welcomed into the 10 Reasons to Live fold approximately a year ago and found himself in good company with a band who’s collective history reads like a who’s who of Rock Legend, including a charity tour of Mozambique (sans Bob Geldof), a stadium support slot with Bryan Adams and a video shot at Pinewood studios featuring copious amounts of WAGs and swimwear models under their belts. However, despite the amount of Jack Daniel’s they drank, no tellies were harmed in the various hotels they’ve stayed at… so there’s still a way to go.

If all that’s not good enough for you, this Liverpool band boasts a top notch songwriting duo. One plays bass, one plays rhythm. One’s called John, one’s called Paul. Now come on, don’t you want to be able to say you were there at the beginning?