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Crutchfield Music! A sound from the streets. Created by Robert Crutchfield for mental lessons and just plain good music.


Born and raised in Shreveport Louisiana. Robert graduated from Booker T. Washington High School. he is a Recording Artist/ Musician that started touring at the age of 16 playing drums with major recording artist/bands. (ex: Fishbone) Robert Crutchfield is the owner of Crutchfield Enterprise which is a Entertainment hub for Music (Crutchfield Records) and Film (Crutchfield Digital Designs). Crutchfield is also the owner of Crutchfield's Barbershop all located in Shreveport, La. He is a Husband and a Father.


Crutchfield has created a huge list of singles EP's and full length albums that are available on itunes, last fm, and other streaming sites as well as all major Digital Distribution Stores around the globe.

Brand New Ringtone!!!

Radio Single 2011

Crutch - Out of Money

Be on the look out for Crutchfield's newest film: Familia
coming soon to Netflix!!

Heres a preview:

Set List

1. Big Boy Bounce
2. Flee From Me
3. Handling Business
4. Me
5. Classy Girl
6. My Life
7. Look Away (or show me love)
8. Released Tension
9. Beast or a Dogg
10. Coming Through
11. Out of Money
12. Showing Out
13. Fuck Them Hoes
14. My Dick

CBS Familia (Crutchfield Group)

1. Love Me While Im Here
2. Doing Me
3. One Life To Live
4. KO KO Pellis
5. Nuthing But Love
6.F****ing You Tonight
7. New Everything
8. Blunts & 24 Bottles

Various songs Available to perfom

World Going Crazy - Blaq Phame ft Crutch

We are unable to list our whole sets of albums we perform.
Here are some of our Album titles though.

Crutchfield Music

Vol 1 - 2 The Lost Volumes

Vol. 3 The Outcome
Vol. 4 Beatwreckers
Vol. 5 The Emancipation of Crutch
Vol. 6 CBS Familia

There is more. Inquire through contact.