'10 TO GO'

'10 TO GO'

 Deventer, Overijssel, NLD

The band '10 TO GO' is a band full of energy. They know how to rock a show. They play everything from a love ballad to a badass grunge-song. '10 TO GO' knows how to through a party!!!!!


The band '10 TO GO' was formed late 2009 by Remco Strijkveen and Stephan Preusterink. They played in a few projects and they decided to start a band of their own. They were looking for new members and soon they'd find John Bontius, Lennard Mellema and Quint de Graaf. They started playing and soon Remco and Lennard discovered that they had a click in songwriting. After they wrote a couple of songs they recorded their first EP called '10 TO GO'. After the EP the band got a little popular in de dutch music scene en played about 8 gigs a month. There were some arguements in the band and Stephan decided to leave the band. They decided not to replace him. Two months later Quint decided to leave the band and hey was replaced by Jeroen Overmars. The band was complete and they wrote a baunch of new songs. It was time for there second EP called 'Waste your time'. The band is now ready for some new gigs!!!!


'10 TO GO' - '10 TO GO' (EP 2010)

'10 TO GO' - 'Waste your time' (EP 2011)

The single 'Waste your time' is playing on KINK FM.